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The Jefferson Memorial

Social Studies Thomas Jefferson Memorial Project

Aidan Palonis

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of The Jefferson Memorial

The Jefferson Memorial Tour Thomas Jefferson's Political Career Jefferson's Birthplace in Shadwell, VA
3rd of 10 Children The Jefferson Memorial Qoute under the Dome The First Panel The Second Panel The Third Panel The Fourth Panel Jefferson's Statue The Jefferson Memorial at night Jefferson studied under Reverend James Maury Martha Jefferson. Jefferson's wife
Died at age 33 Thomas and his wife Martha had 6 children. Only 2, Martha and Mary, lived to adulthood. Quote under the Dome The quote under the dome is when Jefferson wrote to Dr. Benjamin Rush on September 23, 1800. The quote describes his responsibility to the people of the United States. He must watch over them to make sure their new government does not fall into chaos. The First Panel This quote is from the Declaration of Independence. Jefferson was a co-author of this famous document. He, Benjamin Franklin, and John Adams wrote the foundations of our country. 56 of our Founding Fathers others signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776 The Second Panel The second panel quote is from "A Bill for Establishing Religious Freedom" Section 1. Here, Jefferson is outlining every right for religious freedom. He show that each person has a right to believe in whatever religion he chose, whether it be Judaism, Christianity, Islamist, Buddhism, Hinduism, or Sikhism. Jefferson wanted every man to make his own choices without government interference. Prezi by Aidan Palonis on the Jefferson Memorial The Third Panel The quote on the Third Panel is a mix of quotes. The first part of the quote is from "A Summary View of the Rights of British America." The next part is from Jefferson's notes on the State of Virginia. Then, Jefferson's autobiography adds to the quote. Finally, the last part of the quote is from two letters. One to George Wythe, and the other to George Washington. The quote states how Jefferson believes that peoples writes are "God given." And that every man inheritors their rights from God. The Fourth Panel The fourth and final quote is from a letter to H. Tompkinson (AKA Samuel Kercheval), July 12, 1816. This quote shows that Jefferson understands that law and institution must advance along with human mind. The laws must coincide with the beliefs of how the law should keep people safe and healthy. He knows that laws from his time may still be relevant in the present day, but the must change to better suit the present society. Jefferson was a Lawyer and a member of the Virginia House of Burgesses Jefferson serve as a delegate for the second Continental Congress from Virginia Jefferson was a co-author of the Declaration of Independence Jefferson Served as our third President for two terms and Vice President under John Adams Jefferson Served as U.S. Minister to France and the First U.S. Secretary of State Jefferson served as the Virginia Governor Jefferson made the Louisiana purchase from France and sent Lewis and Clark on their famous expedition. The Jefferson Memorial Facts Architects were John Russell Pope; Daniel P. Higgins and Otto R. Eggers. Located on the tip of the Peninsula between the Potomac River and Tidal Basin. Construction December 15, 1938 and the cornerstone was laid on November 15, 1939. The Jefferson Memorial was officially dedicated by President Roosevelt on April 13, 1943, the 200th anniversary of Jefferson's birthday. There was a plaster cast of the unfinished statue that was painted to look like bronze for the dedication. The statue was not finished because of a shortage of sculpting materials in World War II. The total cost of the Jefferson monument was a little over $3 million. The Jefferson memorial sits on 2.5 acres in the National Mall. The distance to the top of the dome is over 129 feet. The thickness of the dome is four feet. In 2005, 2,312,726 people visited the Jefferson memorial. Jefferson was the co-founder of the Democratic-Republican political party Jefferson Memorial with Cherry Blossoms Jefferson Memorial at night Helped pass the Virginia and Kentucky Resolution Thanks for watching!!! Jefferson moved to Monticello when he was 28. This was his house during the latter part of his life. He died here. The Library of Congress, Jefferson's library collection. Recently bought by the Library of Congress. Construction during WWII
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