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Deaf Again By:Mark Drolsbaugh

No description

Rachael Kittelson

on 26 January 2014

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Transcript of Deaf Again By:Mark Drolsbaugh

Deaf Again By:Mark Drolsbaugh
Why did I choose this book?
We chose this book because the title really stuck out. We were unsure of how you can go from being deaf to being deaf again. Also we wanted to learn if the author would explain deaf culture from his own point of view and make us want to continue learning more.
Authors purpose for writing this book
The authors purpose for writing this book was to inform readers about the struggles of something so small. Being deaf to Mark is something to ashamed of considering that's all his grandparents ever wanted him to believe. They believe that their grandson was normal and nothing would get in the way of him being "normal." He struggled with people teasing him just for wearing hearing aids. "In school though, there was nothing special about wearing hearing aids. I was made fun of and ridiculed" (Drolsbaugh 24).
Suggestions to the Author
If I met the author of this book, i would suggest to him that its hard to follow along when the sequence of events is not in order, it would help if he stays on track with his time frames and keeps it in the sequence of events which then will help the topic flow from one to the other instead of going back and fourth between events.
Conclusion/ What I learned!
Out of all the struggles faced, the right time will come when you find the best fit for you and what makes you the most happy.
About the Book
This book is about a young boy who tells his life stories about how he struggled with his deafness. His parents are both deaf, but everyone else in the family is not. He tells from his personal point of view the struggles faced while going to different schools, and just understanding other people in general because that's all he could do is rely on his lip reading. He struggles dearly while trying to communicate especially when he isn't familiar with the movement and pattern of the individuals lips.
Recommend this Book?
~Yes, I would recommend this book if you wanted to learn more about the deaf culture and if you can understand context being mixed up and out of order and going back and forth from one topic to another.
~No, I wouldn't recommend this book if you don't have interest in learning about the struggles people face in the deaf culture, and if your not a strong reader only because the text is unorganized and hard to follow.
Event #1
In the beginning of the book a big event that takes place is when the author describes his mom going through labor with him. The difficulties the labor had on the boy and the doctors because the parents were deaf and couldn't figure out how to tell the doctor that the mother wanted an drugs to ease her pain.
Event #2
Mark talks about the schools he attends and how they effect him each in a different way. Mark attended kindergarten at the Henry H. Houston School in Philadelphia. He felt out of place not being able to sing along or hear anything in music class.
Event #3
Third grade came and Mark switched schools. He attended now Plymouth Meeting Friends School. He thought all was going well until another boy named Quinn kicked a football at Mark and knocked him out to the ground. This resulting in him losing his hearing aid battery. All the students grew anxious to help and all went outside in the snow and searched and sure enough found the battery.
Event #4
As Marks elementary days grew to an end his next step in the academic world was Germantown Friends School. Mark states that 95% of the time he had no clue what was going on, Once the teacher was done lecturing he would have to ask around for the assignment and learn how to do it on his own. He didn't think this was the best fit for him.
Event #5
While Mark struggled at GFS, he visited PSD. He had the time of his life. He wasn't the only deaf boy like he was at GFS. When he was little his grandparents were against sign language and both of Marks parents signed so he was unsure why. At PSD that is all they do is sign. He knew enough to understand everything going and could communicate. He loved it there and his grandparents saw how happy he was and then enrolled themselves into a sign language class.
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