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An Introduction to the Startup Amp

Fun online advertising for startups and small businesses, how it works and what we aim to achieve for your business!

Startup Amp.com

on 7 April 2013

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Transcript of An Introduction to the Startup Amp

1 Prezi + 2013 startups and small businesses.. What is the Startup Amp? ...fun, niche online advertising for startups and small businesses..
...using Prezi! Prezi is a cloud-based software with a zoomable canvas, making it fun to explore ideas.

A visually captivating medium that leads the audience down a path of discovery...

Prezi.com 2. Follow the instructions in our email to tell us the information* you want to share in the Prezi... How Startup Amp works.... 1. Go to www.startupamp.com; choose the showcasing package which best suits your business' needs and securely purchase through PayPal

Package ....then simply email it back and put your feet up! Standard Pro 'Path' The map will be fully zoomable! Increase hits to your website and social media sites, allowing you to be discovered by thousands of potential customers! We aim to... For More information: 3. We will then add your business onto the world map at your location! 4. Through social media marketing and other exposure we aim for the Prezi (and your business) to be seen by a large global audience... http://www.startupamp.com http://www.twitter.com/StartupAmp Whether that be in.... ...or Or anywhere else! Hello ...We are crowdfunding by selling business advertising spaces on our maps! What is the Startup Amp? http://www.startupamp.com http://www.twitter.com/StartupAmp https://www.facebook.com/TheStartupAmp http://prezi.com/ppyiswnetxqu/the-startup-amp-world-map-1-prezi-2013-businesses/ Explore the map here: Website: http://www.startupamp.com
Email: startupamp@gmail.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/StartupAmp
Facebook & Instagram: StartupAmp Thank you for watching! We look forward to showcasing your business!
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