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New Employee Orientation

Student Affairs New Employee Orientation, Spring 2012.

Jodi Schneiderman

on 13 March 2015

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Transcript of New Employee Orientation

SA 101
What is
Student Affairs?

The strategic mission of Student Affairs.
The organizational structure.
Serving Colorado, Engaged in the World
Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs
Deb Coffin
University of Colorado at Boulder
Student Affairs Video
Vision Statement
1 of 6 divisions at CU-Boulder (approximately 900 employees)
Creates an environment that enhances student learning, development and success
Composed of people that develop relationships and work collaboratively with students
"At the University of Colorado at Boulder, we accept both the public role and responsibility of a flagship, including the expectations of leadership, excellence in all we do, and commitment to the highest academic core values. We strive to promote the confluence of superb teaching, research, scholarship, creative works, and service that distinguishes a flagship university. In creating the following strategic plan, we have focused on our primary role as a national comprehensive research university. It is from this core identity that Flagship 2030 has evolved."
Values Statement
Student Affairs Diversity Committee
Organizational and Professional Development
Advocacy Center Directors Group
Student Affairs Assessment Oversight Group
Student Development Committee
Student Engagement and Leadership Committee
Health and Wellness
Student Services Forum
Excellent Service Committee
1. Who is the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs?

2. What are two standing committees in Student Affairs?

3. What is the Colorado Creed?

4. What is the year of Flagship?
Trivia Questions
Student Affairs strives to educate, inspire, support, and lead all students to their highest levels of personal, academic and professional success. We work to develop a socially just environment emphasizing involvement, personal responsibility, integrity, mutual respect, civic engagement/leadership and engaged global citizenship. Student Affairs supports and contributes to creating and sustaining a diverse, multicultural, socially just and inclusive campus climate by learning about, recognizing and honoring the diverse backgrounds, histories, identities, and life experiences of all our students, faculty and staff. Social identities that have the potential to divide us are instead recognized and embraced, and may include but are not limited to race, gender, class, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, veteran status, age, ability, religion and national origin. Our challenge is to create a campus in which all community members can thrive in an environment where they feel at home, welcome and safe.
The core values that define us as a division and guide our actions and decisions are a commitment to:
- Our actions are congruent with and reflective of our values, mission, and goals and consider the needs of all members of the CU community.
Student development and learning
- We encourage and support students’ personal, interpersonal and academic growth inside and outside the classroom, and model lifelong learning and personal and community development.
Social Justice -
We work to facilitate full and equal access and participation in all aspects of university life. We work to reduce bias and injustice, and to remove barriers that impede success and development.
Service excellence and innovation -
We improve service delivery in response to the needs of students’ multiple identities and developmental needs. We continuously seek new and creative ways to educate students and families about our services.
Mutual respect -
We honor and appreciate all members of the community. We hold students and other constituents in high regard and see the inherent worth in others while challenging behaviors and/or attitudes that are counter to these principles.
The Mission of the Division of Student Affairs is to empower student learning and success. We accomplish this by:

Providing quality student services and support
Promoting diversity and an inclusive campus climate
Modeling and developing outstanding leadership and civic engagement
Fostering intellectual growth and emotional and physical well-being
Encouraging involvement in campus, local, national, and global communities
Developing collaborative partnerships for academic and interpersonal success
Mission Statement
Strategic Goals
1. Provide Quality Services and Student Affairs Auxiliary Facilities

2. Promote Diversity and an Inclusive Campus Climate

3. Enhance Efforts to Promote Student Involvement, Civic Engagement and Leadership Development

4. Foster Health and Wellness through Intellectual and Personal Growth, and Emotional and Physical Well-Being

5. Enhance Current Efforts to Develop and Implement Sustainability Principles and Practices
Policy Case Scenarios
Three scenarios at your table
Take five minutes and discuss as a group
Give a short report to entire group (identify a spokesperson)
Take 5 minutes
Bruce Benson

Russ Moore
Executive VC, Academic Affairs / Provost
Phillip Di Stefano
Deb Coffin
VC, Student Affairs
Louise Vale
VC Administration
Kelly Fox
Senior VC / CFO
CU Student Government
Provides student governance, voice and leadership for the Boulder campus
Budgetary authority for cost centers
Executive Branch
Colorado Creed
As a member of the Boulder community and the University of Colorado, I agree to:
ACT with HONOR, INTEGRITY and ACCOUNTABILITY in my interactions with students, faculty, staff, and neighbors.
RESPECT the rights of others and ACCEPT our differences.
CONTRIBUTE to the greater good of this community.
I will strive to uphold these principles in all aspects of my collegiate experience and beyond.

*** Also, an Honor Code
Frances Draper
Associate VC Strategic Relations
Stein Sture
VC for Research/
Dean of Grad School
Bob Boswell
VC for Diversity, Equity and Community Engagement
Briefly introduce yourself!
Where do you work and how long have you
been with CU Boulder?

At your table, answer one of the questions:
What do you do on a day to day basis? OR
What do you love (or think you'll love)
most about your job?
Gain an understanding of...
Network with other Student Affairs employees.
Examine SA policies & procedures.
Standing Committees within Student Affairs
Catherine Shea
Chief of Staff
Mike Bohn
Athletic Director
Managing Senior Associate
University Counsel
John Sleeman
Vice President for
Government Relations
Tanya Kelly-Bowry
Vice President for Development
CU Foundation
Carolyn Whitehead
University of Colorado Boulder Office of the Chancellor
2012-13 Executive Council
2013-14 Executive Council
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