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joshua vera

on 26 April 2015

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Transcript of Holocausto

Backgrounds social
What was the Holocaust?
The Jews constructed a rich culture in many different countries.
Many jews had a good economic level.
Before the holocaust started, there were 9 millions of jewish.
Pre-war period was between 1933 and 1934.
Hitler got the full power in 1934.
The Nazis attacked Jewish shops.
The German wanted to develop the third Reich.
Treaty of Versailles made mad the germans.
The Conflict
Live in a Concentration Camp
Unsanitary condition
Gas Chambers
Forced work
Moral Problem
The Nazi were thinking that the Aryan Germans were " a top race "
They created complex classifications of human beings
They created a pseudo scientific theory to justify the racism
Holocaust Genocide:
nuestra conclucion
The first concentration camp was opened
The regime of the terror is restored
An a ideology is imposed and the control of the State is kept
Groups of repression are created
Persons murder with disabilities
- It was the genocide that occurred during the WW2
- Nazi Germany killed approximately six million jews
- Also they killed Slavs, Gypsies, homosexuals, Jehovah´s witnesses and others.
Who should live and who die?
Different types: Traditional, religious, lays and progressive.
The germans thought that only their race were competent to live, whose name was Aryan. They hated the Jews, the gypsies, the homosexuals and the disabled persons.

The Jews were received with hits, shouts, strong language, with disorientation and confusion in the concentration camps
- With the movement of a finger, the SS doctor decided who lived or died
- Also they were separated from their families, killing disabled and elderly too
The Murder
- Jews were forced to get undress and deprived of valuables
- They follow a route to the gas chamber where they shaved head
- The victims screamed and fought but it was useless
- Finally the Germans extracted gold teeth of Jews

After the WW1 Germany was in a political and economic depression.
Adolf Hitler create a the Nazi regime in 1939.
The Nazi regime make legal discrimination and violence against jews.

It is not necessary to be experts to come to the conclusion from that was an inhuman act and it is supposed that the humanity learns of his mistakes, and we hope that this is never going to repeat. But this act of violence will not forget.
"The one who entered to a field will never be able to go out, of the same way, which was not there will never be able to enter not at least the imagination" Simon Kleiman.
S. A. (2014). The Holocaust. recovered on the 26 of January from
The End

Similarities between Mexico conflicts and the Jew Holocaust
Sadly, in Mexico the discrimination against ethnic minorities is also real, it seems that we forgot our own roots and start to despise the ethnic communities and believe that they were worthless. Step by step we began to ignore, despise and atack them just because they have different beliefs and customs.
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Terror begins
Museum of Memory and Tolerance
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