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Thomas King

No description

Joelle Balanag

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Thomas King

Thomas King * _ Education? Thomas King is a novelist of mostly first nation stories and is also an advocate of first nation causes. Who is Thomas King? Thomas king wrote 15 novels and collections of short stories, his first one being 'Medicine River'. In 1993 'Green Grass, Running Water' was nominated for a Governor General award. What did he do? He was a story editor for a TV show called four directions He also appeared in a show he wrote called a Dead dog cafe. Thomas king uses experiences from his own life to help him write. He tells stories that reflect his own childhood. Thomas king also uses the challenges of being both an American in Canada and a Canadian in the United States. Thomas King uses a funny and bitter way to show the challenges that Native Canadians are facing today and in the past. Green Grass, Running Water was picked for to be in Canada Reads of 2004 In 1992 'A Coyote Columbus Story' was nominated for a Governor General award. In 2006, A Short History of Indians in Canada won the McNally Robinson Aboriginal Book of the Year Award. A Dead Dog Cafe and its sequels aired on CBC Radio from 1997 to 2006. In 2007, he made his directorial debut with a short film called I'm Not The Indian You Had In Mind. After graduating from high school Thomas King attended Sacramento State University.
He flunked with a 0.9 gpa because of spending his time playing hearts in the cafeteria and drinking beer at a pizza parlour. He then moved to Utah to be a counselor for Native American students.
He completed his Ph.D in English along with a Ph.D in American studies. He ended up working his way across the Pacific ocean where he found jobs in both New Zealand and Australia.
Thomas King returned to the US and went to Chico State University in California. While teaching at the University of Minnesota, King became Chair of American Indian studies.
He is currently a professor of creative writing at the University of Guelph in Toronto. Born: April 24, 1943 (age 69) in Sacramento, California He is of Cherokee, Greek and German decent as well as having Canadian and America dual citizenship When he grew up he moved to Australia to become a photojournalist In 2003 King was invited to speak at the Massey lectures, a week long series of speeches in Canada discussing topics such as politics, culture and p philosophy. He was the first person of aboriginal decent to give the speeches In 2008 King ran for the nomination of Guelph, Ontario under the NDP party. He finished fourth behind the Liberals, Conservative and Green parties respectively.
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