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The Rise of Dictatorial Regimes

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Ben Kwedar

on 3 April 2017

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Transcript of The Rise of Dictatorial Regimes

The Rise of Dictatorial Regimes
Hitler at a Nazi Rally
Hitler in his cell
Hitler and Mussolini
Mussolini and Hitler
German kids playing with bundles of German marks
Line for Bread at a Bakery
Hitler and Hindenburg
-political philosophy that glorifies the state above the individual
-emphasizes the need for a strong central government led by a dictator
-no opposition
1921: Hitler joins the National Socialist German Workers' Party (Nazi Party)
Thrown into jail after he led an unsuccessful revolt
Wrote Mein Kampf (My Struggle) in prison
-Increased his popularity
-Linked German nationalsim,
Strong anti-Semitism, and
anticommunism together
-Called for the right of superior nations to lebensraum (living-space) through expansion
Released among growing dissent
Expanded the Nazi party
by 1929 it was a national organization
By 1932 it had 800,000 members and was the largest in the Reichstag (German Legislative Body
Amid growing pressure,
President Hindenburg
allowed Hitler to become
Chancellor and create a new
government in 1933
Legally seized power when
the Reichstag passed the Enabling Act on March 23, 1933
Law gave the gov. the power to ignore the
constitution for four years while it issued
laws to deal with the country's problems
Gave Hitler's later actions legal basis
Hitler basically becomes a dictator appointed by the President and by the Reichstag themselves
Because of Economic Troubles,
Germany has massive inflation
a general increase in prices and fall in the purchasing value of money
DBQ Prompt: Your goal is to write two different paragraphs.
Paragraph #1: Using evidence from 3 documents, argue why it would be terrifying to live in a Fascist country.
Paragraph #2: Using evidence from 2 documents answer the following question: Despite its terrifying nature, why have people in history been attracted to Fascism
After World War I, the World Economy suffered through a Great Depression. Because of it's reparations payments for WWI, Germany was hit harder than any countries in Europe
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