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Influence of Media and Culture on Body Image Dissatisfaction

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Brenda Vargas

on 2 June 2015

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Transcript of Influence of Media and Culture on Body Image Dissatisfaction

Influence of Media and Culture on Body Image Dissatisfaction
Brenda Vargas

Body Image Dissatisfaction
How do media and culture affect female body dissatisfaction?
Women with stronger ethnic identities had lower levels of body image dissatisfaction, according to a study by Rakhkaovskaya & Warren, 2014
In my study I found that.....
Most women regardgless of ethnic identity believed that that their families and culture influence their perceptions of beauty.

Influence of Media
Most women who partipated in my study said they compare themselves to women in the media...

33.33% Strongly Agreed

33.33% Agreed
College aged women are more prone to suffer from body image dissatisfaction because they are presented with images of young, beautiful, thin women in the media. (Warren, Gleaves & Rakhkovskaya, 2013).

Weight and Eating Disorders
43.94% of women said they have felt pressure to lose weight
25.76% of participants experience depression due to physical appearance
12.12% have had an eating disorder
Skin Color
Most female participants are satisfied with their skin color.
36.36% strongly agreed

36.36% agreed
Unlike, my group mates
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