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What's Eating Gilbert Grape?

No description

Susy Payne-Renaud

on 3 May 2014

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Transcript of What's Eating Gilbert Grape?

By Susy Payne-Renaud
PSY 632 A ~ May 3, 2014
Oral Presentation

Grape Family
Family Matters
Bonnie Grape:
Mother, age 54, severe obesity, hasn't left house since Albert's death
Introduction Scene
Structural Family Therapy
A therapeutic approach directed at changing or realigning the structure or family organization in order to alter dysfunctional transactions and clarify subsystem boundaries.
Transactional patterns:
Repeated transactions that establish patterns of how, when, and with whom to relate, and these patterns underpin the system
Phase 1: Susy Joins The Grape Family
In the first session with the Grape's, the therapist would seek to understand how they interacted as a family.

Through observation and asking open-ended questions I would learn that the hierarchial family structure is vey disfunfunction.
Structural Family Therapy
Daughter, age 34, stay at home mother-figure, cooks & cleans, and looks after Bonnie, and Ellen
Oldest son, cut-off/estranged
Son, age 24, family breadwinner, primary caretaker for Arnie
Son, age 18, born with brain defect, expected to die before 10 years old
Albert Grape:
Father, committed suicide by hanging himself in the basement when Gilbert was 17
Youngest daughter, age 16, high student, works at Dairy Dreme
Annual visitor to Endora, Gilbert's girlfriend
Noteworthy Character
: The structural roles in the family, who makes the rules and who enforces them
A therapeutic tactic to make personal adjustments in adapting to the family to the family lifestyle in order to build an alliance with the family.
The process of coupling that occurs between the therapist and the family, leading to the development of the therapeutic system.
An alliance between specific family members against a third member
Parental Child:
A role reversal inflicted by the parent of a child, and also called parentification
Diffused Boundaries:
Structural arrangements that do not allow enough separation between family members. This results in some family members becoming fused and dependent on other family members.
Rigid Boundaries:
Overly restrictive boundaries in that little contact with outside systems is permitted. They have inflexible rules and habits that keep family members separated from each other. Family members become emotionally detached.
Clusters of alliances within families, affiliations and splits from one another to maintain homeostasis.
Smaller units of the system as a whole, usually composed of members in a family who because of age of function are logically grouped together, such as children or parents.
Family mapping:
An assessment tool used to graphically describe a family’s overall organizational structure to determine which subsystem is involved in dysfunctional transactions.
Following the content of the family, gathering information using open-ended questions to inquire about the interests and concerns of family members, while making no overt judgments.
Phase 1: The therapist joins the “family dance” in the leadership position
Phase 2: The therapist “mentally maps out” the family’s system structure
Phase 3: The therapist works to change the family
The three-stage structural approach to family therapy includes:
My Role as Therapist
Join the family
Identify roles and sub-sets
Keeps focus on the present
Facilitate famile intervention
Establish & maintain rapport with family
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