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All about pitbulls ! :D

good facts and opinion

tiyla mckeown

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of All about pitbulls ! :D

All about pit bulls !
My name is Tiyla McKeown
This presentation is all about pit bulls and how there life savers and facts all about them. This presentation is also about pit bulls history and there life today and other things about the amazing animal,the pit bull !
The pit bull breed
The pit bull breed is supposed to be 7 breeds in one : American pit bull terrier, American staffordshire, staffordshire bull terrier and the bull terrier. If a dog has one or more of these breeds in it,it is considered to be a pit bull. These are descended from the : English bulldog,the Boston bulldog and the cane corso.
The pit bull that saved his family
In Febuary 2007,a pit bull named chief saved a woman named Liberata la victoria,87 years old and her grand daughter called Maria victoria fonteras from a deadly cobra which had entered their home through the kitchen window. Chief was in the living room with the grand mother,and the grand daughter was in the kitchen.

Chief and the grandmother heard Maria's screams for help so the grandmother ran into the kitchen. The cobra was spitting vemones poison at the two women.chief pounced out and attacked the snake. chief killed the snake but because of the amount of vemones bites chief took to the heart and brain,he was struggling for breath, moments later chief died too. The amazing pit bull chief died protecting his family.
pitbull's roles
American pit bulls successfully fills the role of a companion dog,police dog and a therapy dog.American pit bull terriers also constitute as the majority of illegal fighting in the U.S (which is what they have been trained and forced to to by their owners,which is discusting!) In addition,law enforcment orginisation's report these dogs are being used for other illegal purpose,s such as: guarding illegal narcotics operations,use against the police and as attack dogs. (In my opinion this is the owners fault not the dogs ,so the owners should be punished not the dogs.)
kids and pit bulls !
Pit bulls see children different to adults. They give off different energy. It seems unbalanced to them and unstable. Its there nature to be aware of non calm energy, to protect them selves and others .
Me and my old pit bull , R.I.P Kai !

pit bulls today
Most experts agree that today's pit bull is a short-coated dog characterized by a wide skull, powerful jaws and muscular, stocky body. But there is a great variation in the pit bull's appearence. Typically 35 to 65 pounds, some weigh as little as 25 pounds, while others tip the scales of at 80 pounds or more. Some have bulkier frames and colossal skulls; other shave leaner, more muscular bodies. All are strong and athletic.

With there impressive stamina and stauch work ethic, pit bulls enjoy a variety of activities, including agility, disc dog competitions, fly ball,freestyle and competition obedience. They oftenexel in weight-pulling contests and schutzhund. Some pit bulls work cattle in herding trials, and some still function as hunting dogs.
The pit bull history
The pit bulls ancestors hail from England and where brought to north America by English immigrants. These decendent's where bred from the bull dog, which some breed historians believe originaly served as a "gripping dog" for hunters of large game. (The term "bull dog"does not refer to the American kennel clubs English bulldog. This more recently developed breed serves as a loyal companion dog.) Later bull dogs were likely used as butcher's dogs and helped control large livestock. Eventually, these dogs where bred to participate in an humane blood sport called "baiting."

Spectators found it highly entertaining to watch bulldogs pitted against bulls,bears and other large animals. During these violent events,one or more dogs were expected to attack another animal, biting it around the face and head.The dogs usually maintained their grip until the animal became exhausted from fighting and loss of blood. After animal baiting was banned in the early 1800s, people began pitting dogs against each other, and the cruel sport of dog fighting was born. As it grew in popularity, enthusiasts developed a lighter, more agile dogg for the fighting ring. Some people bred their bulldogs with black and tan terriers, creating dogs who were only 25 to 30 pounds. Others may have simply selected smaller bulldogs for breeding purposes. These dogs where the forebears of the present day,pit bull !
pit bulls good temperment
Dog breeds are characterized by certain behavioral traits. Each breed was developed to perform a specific job, whether it be hunting rabbits, retrieving downed birds, herding livestock or sitting on peoples laps. When developing a breed, breeders select only those dogs who perform their job best to produce the next generation.
Physical abilities and behavior are both important facts of any breed. A well-bred dog should have both the physical attributes necessary to perform its job and the behavioral tendencies needed to learn it. It's not surprising that individuals of a pursific breed to tend to look and behave somewhat similarly. However, it's important to realize that even though a breed may be characterized by certain behaviors, individuals of the same breed can vary tremendously. Some dogs are courageous, while others are timid. Like people pits have unique personalities.
The cruelty to pit bulls, trunking is when two pit bulls are locked in a boot of a car to fight till the death , while someone drives the car around and / or turns the radio on really loudly so nobody can hear the pit bulls. They drive around for 10 minutes or more, then they open the boot door and throw the dead pit bull out.

This occasionally happens to win money on a bet , which one will die , which one will live ... Sometimes people do it because they only want one dog or can't choose who to keep. But sometimes people do it for fun !
A pit bull abandoned because of her breed, found by the RSPCA with no name, no story, no love . Starving to death ,suffering of a severe foot infection. When she was rescued by the RSPCA , she was 20 pounds under weight and was named "Audrey" because it means noble strength !

When Audrey was found in a park in December her temperature was supposed to be around 101 degrees but her temperature didn't even register on the thermometer !

But now Audrey has a new family where she is being looked after properly , loved, cared for.
pit bulls love kids
Pit bulls love kids,its a fact,that's not well known outside the pit bull community.Because they are stereotyped by the media to be mean and dangerous dogs. Well managed, responsibly owned pit bulls are one of the best family dogs.

The American canine temperate test society lists this breed as having one of the most stable temperate out of many other pure breads, right up there with retrievers. Many pit bulls go out of there way to lick little faces and will wag their tails when they see a child. Many will let kids pull their ears,climb on their backs and they will love kids playing rough with them for that rough attention.

According to the American society for the events of the cruelty to animals, pit bulls are the most abused animals because of there use in the fighting ring. Because their population has increased rapidly due to irresponsible ownership, their numbers at shelters have also increased while the media has made them a harder breed to place, pit bulls are a very good breed, its their owners which create a bad reputation !
Thanks for watching,I hope you enjoyed "all about pit bulls !"
Punish the deed not breed !
BSL is where people are now trying to stop police putting down pits and trying to stop the fighting instead. The president of America (Oboma) is helping to. People are forming the group BSL,world wide,not just for pits they're helping the bully breed .They protest all over the world to help this abomination.
Only ignorant,uneducated people dislike the pit and the bully breed because they only know rumors and story's.

The protests of BSL !
Their mission is to campaign to find fair,workable solutions that can better protect the public without compromising the lives and welfare of countless dogs who have never acted dangerously and assist dogs and owners affected by canine legislation.

On Facebook BSL have 26,850 followers and over 6425 people and groups are talking and encouraging this group and also trying to help.

This group is trying to help monitor "dangerous dog" legislation and to help educate and assist those who have been affected by it.

BSL are always raising money to help people in need with their judged dogs and problems they have if their dogs are missing or worse.
Brit pits
Brit pits is a very well known page on a social network called facebook and is made for the lovers of the bully breeds,to educate and to make people stop all the discrimination.

They are also an anti BSL and are also open to adoption and rescue.

I follow this group because it supports all my beliefs and hopes to support pit bulls in any way that they can !
My old pit bull kai !
Kai was a very healthy pit bull and he was very well trained and was great with kids and other animals. He use to play football with all the kids in the street,I miss him so much.
Kai was put down in Liverpool only because of his breed. He passed all of the tests with the police except the listening, the only reason he did not pass that test was because we trained him to listen to his owners not strangers.
Kai was a loyal dog and he will never be forgotten, this story is a perfect example of the wrong judgement by the breed. Even the police officers agreed that kai was a great dog. R.I.P
My dog Hooch !
Hooch is a pit bull and he turned one years old on the 4th November 2013. If you want to own any pit bull hooch is the one hes so good with baby's, hes a great guard dog and the most best friend when you need one.
All my friends love hooch and most of them know his breed and still love him just the same.My dog is one of a kind,I take hooch on a walk everyday with my mum or dad and I train him all the time and he always is gentle with others and amazing with dogs and even likes cats !
Hooch is as daft as a brush when it comes to me and my friends he lets us cuddle him and put costumes and glasses on as yo can see in this picture. He always knows how to make you smile,hes such a poser !

Tyson the abused but lovely pit
My brother Tom was walking down by the Bootle cannal when they seen a black pit tied to the fence. My brother took him to our house for mum to check him out. Mum saw that the dog had tattoos and cuts on his body. mum wanted to take him in but wasn't sure how he would be with me because of the abuse he went through, but when she realised he was great with me she took him in and fleed him ,fed him ,cleaned him and gave him a great life when he was at our house until the police could find his owners so he could have a great life somewhere ells.

Tyson was a great dog he use to love going to the vets and was great of the lead. Tyson was taken by the police and given a new home where he belonged but we don't know what happend to the original owners.

(not actual photo)
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