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OPEQ Project - Initial Reading and Writing Tools

No description

Paul Frisoli

on 21 June 2011

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Transcript of OPEQ Project - Initial Reading and Writing Tools

DRC - READING INTERVENTION 2) Vetting Draft Materials -
Scope/Sequence & Model Lesson Plans 3) Revised OPEQ Reading Approach - Provincial Workshop 4) Presentation: Teacher's Kits, Demonstration Lesson Plan Banks, Sequence Workbooks 5) Training tool (Master Trainer's Guide) Step 4: Rework APPROACH
-Based on curriculum
-Teachers need to use
-Resources Contexte
Planning Tools
Approach: Learn by doing 1st & 2nd 3rd & 4th 5th & 6th 1) Techinical Review & Curriculum Development Step 1 (NYC):
-Kathleen Malu - Reading Specialist - Sequencing
-Paul Frisoli - Reading/Writing Activities
-Meeting: Lesson Plan tempates and curriculum discussions Step 2:
-Weekly meetings with Aissa (domains of reading, scope & sequence, lesson feasibility)
-Review of DRC & curriculum materials
Référentiels des habietés en lecture / écriture
Internet resources from francophone countries
Reading resources (dev. projects, "Words their Way")
-Drafted EGRA Plus-like Scope & Sequence
-Drafted EGRA Plus-like Lesson Step 3: National Workshop
-Aissa & Paul present:
DRC EGMA baseline results
Reading rational
Proposed tools

Simplify tools
Use textbooks
Partner tools Teacher Toolkit:
-Teacher Guide
-Demonstration Lessons
-Sequencing Workbook Process
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