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Revision Techniques 2013

No description

Gemma Boyson

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of Revision Techniques 2013

When a memory is created, neurons in your brain are making connections with each other.
Think of it once: the connection is made once
If this pathway is never used again, the brain will recycle the neurons to be used elsewhere.
To make the connection permanent, it needs to be used and reused – reinforced.
This is why you revise!
Terminal Exams
One or two years of content, all examined within a week or two

And you need to remember all of it!
Teachers Techniques
your enquiry: questions, images, etc.
Set the context
– facilitate associations/links.
– experiential learning – kinaesthetic (doing, hands-on), colour, sound, smells, etc.
Summarise info
– note making (not note taking) – encouraged to think about the info.
– answering questions, handling info and using it in new ways.

What won’t work
Ignoring it and hoping it’ll go away
Freaking out and panicking
Reading text books/notes

What can you do?
The following are ideas of things you can do to revise.
Before you start:
Minimise distractions – be strict – ask for help in moderating your phone use (for example).
Set little rewards – “I’ll do this, then I’ll check fb”
Spaced learning – work hard for 30 mins, break for 10 mins, repeat.

Summarising & application
Write your own questions (using the spectrum)
Have a friend/relative quiz you
Or – write on post-it notes & spread around the house – test yourself.

Revision Techniques 2013
You might have the information in there, but you’ve got to be able to find it.

How do you go about finding information in a library/book/internet?
“Tag” the information as you file it away
i.e. make associations/links with things you already know.

Revision Techniques
your enquiry: what is this about?
Set the context
– link to industry, news articles, other subjects, family, etc.
– experiential learning – kinaesthetic (doing, hands-on), colour, sound, smells, etc. Make something!
Summarise info
– note making (not note taking) –
about the information.
– answer questions, handle info and use it in new ways.

Summarising info & making associations
Follow the “rules of mindmapping”
Set hierarchy from centre outwards
Group branches by colour
Only ONE WORD per line
Make one mindmap with the book/notes/video/podcast in one session. In your next session, repeat the mindmap from memory, before checking against the original & correcting it. REPEAT!

Get Creative
Practical & creating a trigger
Make a model/poster/game/song/poem
Introducing absurdity can help you remember otherwise dull things
The rhythm and rhyme of lyrics aids memory
Share your creations with friends – discussing what they are and what they mean helps commit it to memory.

Exam Question Practice
Download past papers from AQA.org
Use online resources such as kerboodle & samlearning.
When you mark it, pay attention to why you made mistakes (metacognition) and think how you can improve.
Read the examiners comments

Other ideas
Talk it through
– if you can remain focussed, discuss a topic with a friend. Challenge each other to present different topics to each other.
– learning lists? Use the first letter of each to make up something ridiculous.
Flow diagrams
– great for processes/procedures

It should be a challenge
If it’s easy, it’s probably not worth doing
Make it fun
You’re more likely to stick at it and remember it
It’s worth it
You’re worth it (future you especially!)
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