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Presidents of Companies

No description

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of Presidents of Companies

Government Policy
Environmental Groups
due to more immediate and pressing demands from industry, the government has decided to lessen regulations on environmental control
the government understands the need to create and maintain a sustainable relationship with the environment; however, the pressing concerns of the economy have forced the government to give more leeway with business
this being said, the government will still maintain a minimum standard, it will simply be more lenient than it once was
Presidents of Companies
business leaders are expected to provide aid to their employees and responsibly distribute any government aid they receive.
to accomplish our tasks, the government believes in decreasing regulations, cutting taxes for employers, and raising international tariffs to promote domestic businesses
like basic research, the government has decided to provide aid solely to those providing notable or beneficial knowledge to the field.
applied researchers can look into ways to better productivity and manufacturing techniques that may help to reduce the imbalance of trade between Japan and the United States
those researchers involved in the social sciences may also aid American advertising in foreign markets, increasing the appeal of and demand for our goods
We recommend that both basic and applied researchers receive government funding because the two methods are each required in order to fulfill our goals
If the recommendations are not followed, the automobile industry workers will continue to be out of work, the U.S. will not be competitive in Eastern Europe, and there will not be a positive trade balance in Japan.
The Repercussions
Unemployment rates in the automobile industry will decrease, and U.S. products will be more competitive in Eastern Europe after a decrease of regulations, and the balance of trade with Japan will improve through the sales of new goods and services
The Future
Scientists Doing Basic Research
Health Care Professionals
Scientists Doing Applied Research
to promote industry through research, the government will only provide financial aid to those projects deemed profitable
this means that research must provide usable or noteworthy information in order to receive government funding
projects dealing specifically with the issues of the automobile industry will receive incentives and extra funding to further benefit the field
due to the circumstances of the economy, the government is forced to cut social spending and reduce the financial aid granted to the health care field
the money is needed more desperately elsewhere, the government can no longer afford to be the primary source of funding in the field
the government recommends that health care practioners prioritize their research and seek additional funing from private industries.
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