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School Logo Redesign Scenario

No description

Ashley Young

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of School Logo Redesign Scenario

School Logo Redesign Scenario
School Logo Redesign Scenario
One of the local high schools, Arcadia, contracted my design firm, ANY Design, to redesign the school's logo and mascot. I broke everyone up into two teams of four people to make it more manageable, and began working on the project.
Problem 2: Emotional
The two teams approached the redesigns quite differently for the mascot. One was more abstract and stylistic, while the other was more detailed and technical. For the logo, however, both teams had very similar designs. The two teams were upset after seeing their designs side-by-side, and were convinced that the other team stole their designs.
Problem 3: Circumstantial
A pep rally was held to reveal the new designs for the logo and mascot. Overall, students, teachers, and administrators had a very positive response to the new designs. The changes were not too drastic, but the designs were noticeably different than the existing the ones. Everyone was ready to move forward and begin incorporating the new designs into school.
Alumni Association Conflict
The Alumni Association was strongly apposed to the new designs. They seemed to be okay with the logo design, but absolutely hated the new mascot design. They said he looked "lazy, disheveled, and sloppily rendered." This was somewhat demoralizing to the group of designers, who were very proud of their work. This also presented another problem: the rest of the school was very happy with the designs and were excited to move forward. We had to find a way to appeal tot he Alumni Association, or risk disappointing the school's faculty and staff by presenting them with (actually) sub-par designs. There is no accounting for bad taste, but rather than give in and design everything from scratch to meet their standards, we made a deal; we would have three weeks to make a fully functional mascot costume and present it to them, and then they would decide.
After the three weeks were up, we presented the new mascot to the Alumni Association. He was much more streamlined and less bulky than the previous mascot (as well as noticeably less creepy.) He also looked different than the renderings, which was to be expected. After seeing the mascot costume in action, the Alumni Association decided that it maybe wasn't so bad after all, but they were still hesitant.
We explained that it was already a big hit among students and staff, and that they were really looking forward to seeing these designs implemented. The mascot may be a bit different than the previous one, but it resonated with the students. They should put aside their own opinions and do what is best for the students, which is giving them the design that they wanted. Eventually the Association reluctantly gave their approval and the design was official.
Mascot Design
As stated earlier, the two teams took two very different approaches to the mascot. One was more abstract and stylized, while the other was more realistic and detailed. There were a lot of good design elements to both designs, so rather than choose one over the other, we decided to take the best parts of each one and combine them into a new design. The result was a mascot that was a little less cartoonish than the existing one, and much less creepy looking. Overall, both teams were quite happy with the result.

Survey Results
Overall, most of the surveys showed that students and faculty liked the current logo, but they thought it was a bit too bland, and didn't represent any of the Greek influences of the school; They are the Arcadia Titans, there is a statue of Atlas at the front of the school, and one of the campus' landmarks is called "Mount Olympus." As for the mascot, it was almost unanimous that the current design and costume is just creepy, and agreed that it should be retired and a new one should take it's place.
Problem 1: Physical
The firm decides to circulate a survey to find out what kind of changes to make to the logo and mascot's design. The survey was distributed to students and faculty, as well as circulated around the front office.
Some patterns were noticed:
Students tended to be more open to change, and had less positive things to say about the current designs.
Faculty, specifically older employees who had a long history with the school, were less open to change, and had more positive things to say.
Current Logo
Once that was taken care of, as a team we decided on which logo design was the best. We decided to go with the third one, with the shield and laurel wreath on the inside. We felt that this was a more prestigious look; a lot of private schools use the shield for their logos, so that would add maybe a little more perceived value. Also, the laurel wreath behind the A are a reference to the Greek influences mentioned earlier, as well as the font, which also has a Greek look to it.
Group Conflict
Now the two groups began arguing, blaming the other group for stealing their ideas. I remind them that it is a collaborative project, and that there is not a competition. The teams were only created to make the project more manageable and to generate ideas easier. No one person was going to get credit for the designs since we are all one team.
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