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Cloudy Forecast

Strategies for putting the cloud to work for you and your students

Noah Geisel

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of Cloudy Forecast

Cloudy Forecast: Strategies for Putting the Cloud to Work for You and Your Students
What do we want
our students to
be able to
How do we get students to do it?
Personalization as a tool to create buy-in
(i.e. "This is really about YOU")
Time to APPly
Think: Interactive notebook
Daniel Pink: "...we've got to get past this idea that motivation is something that one person does to another and begin understanding that it's something someone does for him or herself. It's the same in this realm. The most effective forms of persuasion and influence are when the other person comes up with his or her own autonomous, intrinsically motivated reasons for agreeing with you. That's one reason questions are so effective. They elicit active responses rather than passive ones. The key to selling, in the broad sense of the word, is to create the conditions in which people summon their own self-directed reasons for reaching common ground.

"...persuading and pitching is less about a teacher flipping a student's switch than it is about creating the conditions where self-directed students can flip their own switches and know why they're doing it."
Noah Geisel

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Additional resource for discovering apps:
Think: Alternating current, director's cut
Think: Media annotation tool w/Evernote
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Everything, twiddla.com, lucidchart.com
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Think: If this, then that (dot com)
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