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Cell Analogy-House

No description

on 4 May 2016

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Transcript of Cell Analogy-House

Cell Analogy-House
Plant Cell
Cell Wall-Walls of the house
Cell Membrane-Door
the cytoplasm fills the space in a cell just like air fills everywhere in the house
Golgi Body-Car
In a cell, the Golgi bodies modify, sort and package proteins and send them to other parts of the cell when needed, A car transports people and can store stuff
Like the cell wall in a plant cell, The walls of a house keeps out unwanted visitors and protects the house and what's on the inside.
A door represents the cell membrane because it lets people come and go. Just like how the cell membrane in a cell can let certain things exit and enter.
Lysosome-Trash Can
Lysosomes are like trash cans because they dispose of wast in the cell like how we use the trash can to dispose of garbage around the house.
A vacuole in a cell stores material. A refrigerator does the some thing, it stores food.
The mitochondria in a house would be a stove because it breaks down nutrients and turns them into energy. Stoves cook food for us.
In a cell, the ribosomes are a cell structure that make protein. In a kitchen, people make food or proteins.
Endoplasmic Reticulum-Hallways
Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER) would be hallways because ER Transport things to other places in the cell just like hallways transport us to different places in the house.
The nucleus controls everything in the cell, Just like the parents control EVERYTHING in the house,

Chloroplasts-Solar panels
The chloroplasts would be solar panels because they take in nucleus energy and make it usable for the house
BY: Maggie Madden
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