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The Beauty of Light

No description

Daors Sahatçiu

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of The Beauty of Light

By: Milot Burani, Daors Sahatciu, Zana Aliu The Beauty of Light 5 Chandeliers What? They will show “The Beauty of Light” by taking the white light emitted from a simple fluorescent bulb and changing it to emit different colors in different directions. How? Very carefully ... by having the light go through several different layers Light is the basic element of beauty Why? The first of these layers will be a thicker plastic, a plastic bottle, which will be used to give the shape of the lamp around the bulb After this, the light will shine through the top parts of several plastic spoons. These plastic spoons will be attached to the lamp in a pattern that resembles fish scales Instead of creating a base for it, the chandelier will be hung from the electric wire, which passes through a small hole on the top of the bottle Without it, one of our most important senses, sight, would be redundant Plastic Materials bottle, transparent colorful sheets,
spoons, knives, forks Rope Balloon Fluorescent bulbs
and sockets Hot glue Chandelier 1 Chandelier 2 Firstly, we will blow up a balloon Then, we will glue the plastic cutlery together on the balloon Carefully pop the balloon Insert the lightbulb inside the chandelier Chandelier 3 Blow up a balloon Completely soak the rope with white “school glue” Wrap the soaked rope around the balloon Let the glue on the rope dry
so that it maintains its form Carefully pop the balloon Phase II Progress Glue we decided ... Phase III Progress Chandelier 4 Blow up a balloon Completely cover it with paper towel Paint over the paper towel with white glue Let the white glue harden for some time Carefully pop the balloon Make a hole in order to insert the light bulb Just to make you dizzy... and white glue Paper towel Phase IV Progress Chandelier 5 Glue the spoon handles together in a rectangular shape Glue these rectangular shapes together to create the faces
and the base of the rectangular prism, leaving one face with a hole in the middle Glue the faces and the base together
to create this form Insert the light bulb through the hole Create a structure to hold the light bulb socket from spoon handles Final Products Analysis Real World Application
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