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How Technology has changed the world

No description

Asha Raghavan

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of How Technology has changed the world

How Technology has changed the world through entertainment
You can play games anywhere and everywhere these days. You can play games on the computer, your apple products, Nintendo DS, game boys, X box, Wii, and other fun types of gaming systems. Playing computer games is a fun way to spend time and improve your gaming skills.
Social Media
Social media is a great way to keep in touch and stay up to date with your friends and others. You can meet new people and share your pictures and experience with others. So just log in!
Different types of social media are: Facebook, Instagram, Vine, Twitter, Pintrest, Path, Tumblr, Youtube, and all sorts of things.
Online Entertainment

One of the many enjoyable ways technology has changed our world is through entertainment. You are able to watch movies,videos and talk to people online while in the comfort of your own home!
Music is one of the most widely used source of entertainment. It allows people to express their feelings and add a little pizazz to everyday life! There are thousands of popular music artists all over the world. You can also compose your own music and remixes (through the fair use policy of course).
YouTube allows people to watch and share videos. You can subscribe to some of your favorite YouTube accounts.Its a good way to have a good laugh :) and also express your feelings on certain things.
By Asha Raghavan and Lia Mastroianni
Movies are an awesome way to spend time with your family and friends. You can enjoy yourself and experience a different world. They are a very popular source of entertainment
Technology 3rd hour A
Evolution of Music
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Evolution of Technology
Over time, technology has evolved greatly. In early times, technology did not play a part in entertainment of people's daily lives. For entertainment, children would go outside, play with dolls, or play games. Adults would read or talk and such. Now entertainment is based on technology. Teenagers and Adults surf the web to keep occupied. People listen to the ra dio in the cars. Television is a huge part in how we pass the time. Newspapers and simple things like magezines are typed up on computers.
Evolution of the cell phone
40 years ago, Martin Cooper created the cell phone. It was a brick that was priced at $3,995. Now, many cell phone companies have emerged and created phones with the latest technology. Phones are much smaller, have many applications, have touch screens, and cameras on them. The cell phone has evolved greatly.
Online entertainment is an enormous and popular source of our entertainment in this day and age. We can listen to music, keep in touch with friends, watch every movie, see some hilarious videos, and play all sorts of games! Well folks, that's all we have for today. Now it's time to log out! Thanks for watching.
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Evolution of Movies
Movies have evolved greatly over the years. Movies have gone from black and white to color and silent movies to Dolby sound. Technology has helped to create IMAX and 3D movies. These features help make your movie experience more entertaining and enjoyable.
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Evolution of Social Media
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Social media has become more interactive over the years. The first forms of social media were bulletin boards and were not very interactive. As social media evolved we have been able to connect with people on Facebook, Twitter and other sites. This is a more direct wayt to stay in touch with others.
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How technolog makes things easier
Technology has made entertainment very accessible and efficient. Most devices are portable and easy to understand nowadays. People can listen to music almost anywhere. Wifi and internet connection is available in many places and resources are extremely easy to use.
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Today, entertainment is based almost completely around technology. There are so many new different tools to use for entertainment. Technology will continue to evolve in years to come.
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