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Andy Biersack

No description

Hannah Hyaduck

on 2 October 2013

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Transcript of Andy Biersack

Andy Biersack
Andy is founder and leader singer of Black Veil Brides. A rock band he started back in high school
(At this time, he is the only founding member still with the band.)
Born December 26, 1990 in Milwaukee, WI
He went to a Catholic elementary school
- while going to school here he was targeted by bullies and suffered the abuse of his peers. This experience inspired him to write the song "Knives and Pens" which ultimately began his music career.
Later moved to Cincinnati, OH
In high school , he attended the Cincinnati School for Creative and Preforming Arts
- this experience helped motivate him to pursue a career in music
Never finished high school, he instead moved to LA where his music career quickly took off.
At 14, Andy started Black Veil Brides
Like many American teenagers, Andy was bullied and harassed throughout most of his childhood. Instead of giving into the cruelty of others he used these experiences to get where he is today. With the support of his family and friends he rose above judgement and prejudice. With his parents supporting his dreams and his friends standing by his side he wrote the songs that launched his career. The bullying and hatred he experienced as a kid helped turn him and his band into the international influence that they are today.
Revolver's Golden God Awards: Best New Band 2011
Titled fourth place in Kerrang!'s 50 Greatest Rock Stars in the World Today
Recently released single "In The End" won Revolver's Golden Gods Awards: Song of the Year 2013
Releasing Three very popular records and touring internationally
Issues and The Music Industry
The Influence of Music
So Why?
The music industry is always looking for new talent. It puts pressure on artists to change and step away from who they are. Andy has gone against this, refusing to lose sight of what is truly important; he reasons for making music. He inspires other to never give up who they are or what they believe in because it does not fit whats "popular".
The End
Music is one of the most powerful influences in life. It speaks the words we cannot find with in our hearts to express feelings that we don't even understand. I look up to Andy Biersack because he is living proof, that no matter what life throws at you...it is possible to make it out alive. It is possible to overcome everything and make something of your life. He has the ability to influence millions of people with his music. He is capable of reaching out to millions of fans, and he sends the messages of hope and pride. Andy is my hero because not only for the music he has written, but for the message he sends out to his fans. The fact he cares about every single one of them and the fact that no one can ever tell anyone, that they have lives that are not worth living.
There are a large number of people who look at Andy and his band, Black Veil Brides, and make assumptions based on appearances. They send out hateful messages online and lash out at them because they are different. However, Andy just turns to his fans and says that people that judge you based on how you dress or the music you listen too are not worth your time. He stands against a society that makes judgements based on superficial values and he stands strong in the face of adversity. Andy faces the hatred of others, setting the example that if you stay strong, it can be done.
Fan drawings and music video
Music can each millions of people, carrying messages that can inspire and help people in inexplicable ways. Andy has millions of fans that he deals with; without them he would ave nothing (his own words). He deals with the crazy, obsessed, ones and the die-hard fans alike. He uses social media to communicate and reach out to his fans. He is known to post inspirational messages in attempt to help out his fans that are in need of support. Andy has millions of fans that he has a sort of unwritten contract with. they expect him to preform at concerts and he does not want to let them down. He can influence them so easily and he has to be responsible with that kind of influence (and he is).
"When words fail, music speaks"
Music has the power to express the feeling that we hold deep in our hearts, feelings that we sometimes do not truly understand. It allows us to make connections from personal associations rooted in our individual perception. Music is an experience; an experience so personal that we can't always express in our own words they way we can connect with songs. The music that Andy has written has touched the hearts of millions. the messages that they carry have influenced the lives of so many people. Andy is a role-model for his fans, demonstrating that no matter where you come form, what ever mistakes you have made, life can and will get better; it is not the end. He has become an inspirational figure to all of his fans.
If you devoted yourself entirely, you can do anything.
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