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Foreign Words and Phrases

EOC Words to Know

Jennifer Pace

on 21 March 2011

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Transcript of Foreign Words and Phrases

EOC Foreign Words and Phrases Carte Blanche -
Ultimate, limitless POWER Avant-garde -
innovative; new and unusual; ahead of it's time Tabula Rasa -
a blank slate Angelina Jolie is a FEMME FATALE Mariah Carey is a PRIMA DONNA People say BON
VOYAGE to others
about to leave on a
journey. When you graduate from HVA, it will become your ALMA MATER. Happy people have a JOIE DE VIVRE for life. Teachers often tell students to NOT copy notes VERBATIM. CUM LAUDE -
with honors This dress is clearly a fashion FAUX PAS. Status quo - the current or existing state of affairs.
People who voted for Obama were unhappy with the STATUS QUO. If I've told you once, I've told you 100 times.
AD NAUSEAM - TO A DISGUSTING DEGREE On the menu board restaurants list their specialties of the day - DU JOUR THE ALPHA & THE OMEGA - the beginning and the end These outfits are WAY ahead of their time. They are AVANT-GARDE. RSVP - please respond; usually found on invitations Large groups of everyday people; the masses = HOI POLLOI Lady Gaga is known for her AVANT-GARDE style. ESPRIT DE CORPS
commraderie; friendship a feeling like you've seen something before Deja vu Buy at your own
risk - CAVEAT EMPTOR Student teachers are given CARTE BLANCHE in the Spring when they take over classes.
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