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Alternative medicine in Spain

No description

nicole richards

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of Alternative medicine in Spain

Why Alternative Medicine?
People strongly believe in their ancient properties
People are uneasy around modern drugs and medicine
The Spaniards have a long lasting tradition of providing themselves with their own remedies
Alternative Medicine in Spain
Three Most Popular Alternatives
Chinese herbal remedies
Where to Receive Treatment
Medical facilities and hospitals in Spain
Herbal stores offer advice and health plans
Many places around Andalucia, Costa de Sol, and along the coast
Less side effects then conventional drugs
Over ten different medical conditions acupuncture can help
Reduce pain and inflammation
Offered in hospitals
Controls allergy symptoms
Improves anxiety and depression
Well known center in Andalucia, Spain and there are healers in Costa de Sol and the inland
Used as a therapy for both physical and emotional problems
A normal session last up to an hour while the healer speaks to the patient and uses their senses
200 year old method of treatment
Homeopathic doctors throughout Andalucia, and some do speak English
Uses natural approach to stimulate the body to self heal
Instead of suppressing the symptoms like conventional medicine, homeopathy brings out the symptoms in order to get rid of them
Form of relaxation for both emotional and physical health
Through yoga ones hopes to achieve a healthy mind, body, and spirit
Improves sleep patterns, increases energy, and decreases stress
Many centers offer yoga in Andalucia with English and British speaking instructors
Popular in some parts of Spain
Effective with depression, addictions, and fears
High success rates have been reported
Inflicts pressure and massage on certain parts of the feet to help the body heal
Therapists will work on the patients feet until they reach a tender area and that is said to have the blocked energy
Many spanish practitioners around the cost who offer this treatment
A type of plant that has been around for thousands of years
Aloe Vera
Popular in southern Spain and known for its curative effects
Many doctors recognize this as a method of healing
Can be taken in the form of a cream or a tablet that you can ingest
Strengthen the immune system and aids in recovering from illness
The End
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