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Copy of Quality Management

No description


on 7 July 2017

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Transcript of Copy of Quality Management

Quality Management
Main Quality SYSTEM
Main Inspection Machine
Main Quality Activities
QMS Introduction
Quality Control team
Gage R&R
Non conformity control
Quality Assurance team
The quality assurance team consistently works to enhance the existing quality of products and services by optimizing current production processes and introducing new processes in order to meet customers' needs and satisfaction.

당사의 제품과 서비스 활동이 고객의 니즈에 만족하도록 관리하는 업무.
Quality Innovation team
The QPI(Quality planning and innovation) team works to control and enhance the WONIK QMS(Quality Management System) including continuous improvement of the way we work through system audits, training and cross divisional cooperation throughout the WONIK organization.

제품과 업무의 품질이 목적한 성과에 도달하기 위한 시스템의 혁신
QM Organization
품질 데이터 관리 시스템 QDMs
Quality Management System

For easy approch to QMS ! For quick upload!
품질 시스템의 쉬운 접근성, 빠른 업데이트를 위한
For daily and accumulative quality analysis and control
공정품질의 일일 관리, 누적관리 및 다양한 분석을 위한

The Quality control team assures that everything from raw material to finished products meet all applicable quality and safety standards, as specified in the purchasing documentation or quality requirement

출하 되기 전, 목적한 품질을 확보하도록 관리하는 업무.
Customer Satisfaction
Copy exact
SOP control & in-process audit
Global integration
Process and Procedure control (QMS)
Quality Planing & Innovation
System Audit(Global 포함)
Other - 강소기업 추진 사무국

Main Quality Procedure
1. Customer claim procedure

2. Recall procedure

3. Nonconformity procedure

4. Inspection procedure

5. First article procedure
통합 품질 시스템

Wonik QnC Organization
통합 경영 시스템

주요 품질 활동
주요 품질 시스템
주요 검사 장비
통합 품질 시스템
Quality Data Management System
Wonik QnC's United Quality management system is organized to maintain and enhance effective quality control and quality assurance from each operational division under the unified QMS. Moving forward we will maintain a well-ordered company-wide innovation project, supported and directed by WONIK top management', through their commitment to quality innovation.

원익 QnC 통합 품질 경영 시스템은 단일 품질경영시스템 하에 각 사업자의 품질관리 및 품질보증 업무가 효율적으로 운영되고 최고 경영자의 기업혁신 의지에 따라 전사 혁신 Project가 일사분란하게 추진되도록 구성되었다.
United Quality Management System
(Quality Document)
Quality introduction material
Quality management material
Measurement R&R
Custom Satisfaction
Quality tool
(Quality Assurance)
Quality Control

원자재 / 외주 검사 현황 (IQC)
최종검사현황 (OQC)
시정조치활동 (CAR)
측정DATA관리 (SPC)
Quality Management Department
Achieving Customer Satisfaction and Trust through
Reliability , Repeatability and Traceability.
The entire Wonik Quartz team, from the floor workers to senior executive management, work together to provide our customers with high quality products and on-time delivery through innovative manufacturing processes, our Quality Management System and APQP activities.
Change control
in-process Audit
▶In-process cleaning
▶Final cleaning
▶Dry and
WONIK has a fully equipped precision clean line that is capable of cleaning product to customer specifications and cleaning processes. The current clean line is comprised of DI cleaning, HF cleaning (and HNO3 cleaning), Ultrasonic cleaning, Dry bench and Clean Room Packaging.
This process is certified by both Lam Research and Tokyo Electron(TEL)
Cleaning process
There are different types of cleaning recipes used in quartz product cleaning processes. The use of these individual are dependent on the customers requirements and part geometry.
Customer claim procedure
Recall procedure
Non-conformity procedure
inspection procedure
First article procedure
1. Measuring Machine.
5. Others
2. Evaluation of surface
3. Cleanliness Monitoring & Evaluation
4. Cleaning equipment
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