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The Road to Succsess

No description


on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of The Road to Succsess

The Road to success
by emma ezrine
Main Idea
what do i need to work on?
I will continue to work on the properties of multiplication. I need to work on these because I still don't understand their concept.
Over the school year I have improved on many things but from my point of view the thing I have improved on most is division. Before this I could not divide 2 digit numbers now I can divide by 6 digit numbers.
I am very good at...
My favorite part of 4th grade math is the projects Ms.Grant lets us do because she makes them so fun.
One study habit that effects my learning is
that I day dream alot which causes me to miss directions
This year we heard The Watsons go
to Birmingham and Maniac MeGee, The
one and ony Ivan
my favorite one was the one
and only Ivan because it was
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