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Effects of the Media!

No description

Nuray Bayar

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of Effects of the Media!

By: Nuray Effects of the Media! How Media
Portrays Girls - Girls cry over most things such as
boys and romantic/sad movies.
- Girls are girly and they LOVE shopping. They never say how girls love sports or like to do things outside.
- They are not good at saving money because they need to buy more clothes and accessories. How Media Portrays Women - All women according to media wear makeup, dresses and high heals.
- Also in movies/t.v shows women go to spas and hair salons all the time because they want their hair perfect and spend a lot of money there.
- Their skin is perfect and wrinkle free. What Media Says Nerds Are - They all have glasses and they are taped in the middle.
- Cant get dates.
- Love math, science,
history etc.
- Are bad at sports.
- They are very week
and get hurt
- Dress geeky (suspenders).
- Considered loser. what Media Says Beauty Is - You always need to wear makeup
- your skin has to be flawless (no acne, no
wrinkles etc)
- Perfect facial structure (nose, eyebrows, cheek bones etc)
-Have a perfect smile
- perfect hair (long, has volume, flowing etc)
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