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Premature Birth

No description

Alyssa Lanerie

on 1 June 2011

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Transcript of Premature Birth

Premature Birth What is premature birth? Terms Neonatology- the branch of medicine concernedwith the care of infants during the first 28 days of life. Premature birth- when a baby is born before the 37 week of pregnancy. Intensive Care An intensive care unit is a section in the hospital in which highly skilled health-care workers provide constant attention and extensive treament for critically ill patients. There are many types of intensive care units throughout a hospital:
adults, surgical, and BABIES. The intensive care unit for babies is
known as the INCU. Health/Death The major cause of health issues are infections that are given to the baby by the mother. The following problems are usually the cause of death:
low birth weights
breathing problems
undeveloped organs
serious lung conditions
cerebral pals Eating There are many types of ways to feed a baby that is born prematurely and has to stay in an intensive care unit. These types are:
naso-gastric: inserting a tube through the veins or nose
intraveous: liquid meals Studies & Later Life Studies show that preemies are less likely to have children of their own. If they do have children, there is a high risk of their child to be born prematurely. Moms The rate of teen pregnancy has increased and is one cause of premature birth. Pregnant women need to be careful of how they live their lifestyle. Eating a well-balanced diet, avoiding drug use, and being seen by a doctor regularly will ensure a easy-going pregnancy. Organizations March of Dimes is a national organization that supports and raises money for equipment in the INCU and premature birth. Preemie in the incubator. Pictures Doctors are fixing tubes that are currently in the baby's body. *Curtisy of GoogleImages.com
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