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Minecraft in the Library

No description

Erin Daly

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of Minecraft in the Library

Minecraft is a sandbox game set in a world made of blocks.
A personal license for Minecraft from minecraft.net is $26.95
YOU choose how to play
Indispensable Minecraft Resources
in the Library
Libraries can buy discounted licenses from minecraftedu.com.
MinecraftEdu also has tools that will help you: 1.run a local server and 2. manage your group.
Minecraft Essential Handbook
survival vs. creative
singleplayer vs. multiplayer
Want to talk more about Minecraft?
Get in touch!

Erin Daly
Youth Services Coordinator
Chicopee Public Library

Twitter @ErinCerulean
"Travel to mysterious lands..."
Get started at your library
Host a server, there are several options for how to do it:
do it yourself - free, but you need savvy & hardware
rent space from a 3rd party company - varies and often requires a credit card
use Minecraft Edu servertool - one time $40
use Minecraft Realms - $10/month
Ways to play
Install launchers on public computers - singleplayer or patrons can use their own accounts
Play in small groups using Local Area Network - works well in a computer lab.
Minecraft's own circuitry
resource packs
vechs super hostile series & The Gift
hypixel Herobrine's Mansion
Minecraft Skin Studio
Fun Stuff
YouTube: Dig Build Live Episode 1
"Minecraft Style" Gangnam Style Parody by CaptainSparklez
"Don't Mine at Night" Last Friday Night parody by BebopVox
Minecraft @ CPL
Kids 9-12
Teens 13+
Summer Programs
Zombie Apocalypse
One Hour Adventure Map
Redstone class
Twilight Forest
Sphax PureBDCraft
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