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No description

Jude McCormick

on 30 November 2014

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Transcript of Jupiter


Jupiter's Great Red Spot is large enough to contain 3 planets the size of Earth.
Jupiter has 4 pale rings.
Jupiter is known to have at least 63 moons.
Some pieces of Jupiter's rings are so small you would need a microscope to see them.

It is predicted that Jupiter has a solid inner core the size of Earth.
Italian astronomer Gaileo Galilei used a telescope to look at Jupiter.He found 4 moons around the planet.He named them Io,Europa,Ganymede and Callisto.
Jupiter's moon Ganymede is larger then the planets Pluto and Mercury.
Jupiter is named after the Roman sky god.
Some people call Jupiter a ''mini'' solar system because it has so many moons.
Jupiter has a diameter of 88.700 miles or 142.750 kilomters.
It takes Jupiter 11.9 of Earth years to make it's orbit around the Sun.
Other facts
What Jupiter Looks Like
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