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introduction to consumer behaviour in tourism

No description

flower fafa

on 13 November 2014

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Transcript of introduction to consumer behaviour in tourism

Tourism market segments
Business tourism
is a tourist trip that takes place as part of people's business occupational commitment, largely in work time, rather than for pleasure, in people's leisure time.
Hedonistic tourism
involves the tourist in seeking pleasurable activities.The tourism experience is based on physical pleasure and social life.
Educational tourism
involved the tourist travelling for education
Religious tourism
is one of the oldest forms of tourism and involves people travelling often as a sense of duty rather than for pleasure and leisure.
Marketing planning process
introduction to consumer behaviour in tourism
1. Corporate objectives
2. Marketing audit
3. SWOT Analysis
4. Assumptions
5. Marketing objectives and strategies
6.Estimate expected results
7. Identify alternative plans and mixes
8. Programmos
9. Measurement and review

Short-term movement of people to places some distance fRom their normal place of residence to indulge in pleasurable activities
May involve travel for business purposes
Can be described as an activity which is serviced by a number of other industries
hospitality ?
Looking after guess well (Collin,1994)
Increasingly used in Europe to replace traditional terms such as hotel and catering
Hospitality includes all organizations which provide guests with :
leisure facilities
The movement of people, goods and animals from one place to another
Modes of transport includes :
Free time to do what you want (Collin,1994)
Leisure industry : Companies which provide goods and services used during people's leisure time
Leisure includes :
An understanding of current consumers and the benefit they seek from our product/ services and
the competition.
Overall objectives and strategies should reflect consumers demands both now and in the future. Segmentation techniques will be important here
Forecasting models for consumers
demand essential here.
Consumer behaviour remains one of the most researched areas in the marketing and tourism fields, with the term 'Travel Behaviour' or 'Tourist Behaviour' typically used to describe this area of inquiry
The study of why people buy the product they do, and how they make their decision (Horner and Swarbrooke,1996)
Those activities directly involved in obtaining, consuming, and disposing of product and service including the decision process that precedes and follow these actions (Engel, Blackwell, and Miniard, 2001)
The process involved when individuals or groups select, purchase, use, or dispose of products, service, ideas or experiences o satisfy needs and wants (Solomon,1996)
This definition introduces the idea that consumers may make purchase decision in groups
and not just simply as individuals
Consumer Behaviour remains one of the most researched area in the marketing and tourism fields with the terms
'Travel Behaviour'
'Tourist Behaviour'
typically used to describe this area of inquiry.
much more time
probably the major
highlight of the year
large spending
Purchase a holiday is different from everyday purchases because it involves :
many internal and
external motivators
and determinants
Consumer perceptions of our products/ services and their Unique Selling Propositions (USP's)
Comparisons with competitor views of brand, consumers.
Forecast of consumers demands will allow opportunities to be defined
Products - should reflect
consumer wants and needs
Promotion - should target customers with effective and well designed campaigns and understanding of consumer..
Pricing in relation to demand is essential here.
Distribution - an understanding o patterns of consumer purchase essential here.
Market Research of consumer respones essential here.
lets visit malaysia!!
consumer behaviour
Importance of understanding cb in tourism
Allows marketing manager to improve their decision-making process and planning process in tourism
Important for product development of new tourism products and facilities
Allows marketing manager to have a clearer view of the types of benefits that consumers are looking for

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