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MCarmen Ferre Marti

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of Abortion

History of abortion: Abortion Why is this an issue in our society? THE ABORTION TREE Political Spectrum Solutions relating public policy: How do you feel? Pro-choice Pro-Life Moderate Debating different points of view... Brainstorm of Solutions: Abortion 6 to 7 weeks... Why should the law respect and adjust to both points of view? - Make contraceptives more avalible.
- Make exceptions for rapes and
- Better sex education
- Birth Mothers could meet adoptive parents through an internet service. -Every individual's free will!
- It depends on the circumstances & that person's moral values.
- Babies should not be killed without a reasonable excuse, such as rape or the mother or child's health.
- Abortion should be permitted early in pregnancy if one of the circumstances listed above have take place, after that it should be sharply restricted, after all, the mother can always give her child in adoption. 1. It's a woman's choice.
2. Reduces chance of death by abortion
3. One less mouth to feed
4. Religious feelings shouldn't be considered with state laws
5. Motherhood shouldn't be considered with state laws
6. A baby shouldn't be born unwanted
7. Population control Americans are divided on whether they are pro-choice or pro-life, but slightly more than half say abortion is morally wrong... People are arguing whether you're murdering a baby (pro-life) or tampering with your body (pro-chioce).
People range on both sides of the spectrum and even though they will probably never agree, the government stands still on their points. Since half the US is divided between pro-life and pro-chioce, the government should try to respect both groups and make abortion available in only extreme circumstances that, of course, would be debated in court. - The unborn child is still a human being
so no one can treating them thoughtlessly
- It's murder therefore it can be illegality
- They had sex in freedom so the unborn child is a responsibility to its parents
- There are many side effect to Mother after abortion
- A baby should be bring happiness Republicans tend to be pro-life and Democrats pro-choice. This is why Catholics tend to vote Republican and not Democrat. - Roe Vs. Wade
- Biglow Vs. Virginia
- Planned Parenthood of Central Mo. Vs. Danforth
- Voinovich Vs. Womens Medical Professional Corp.
- Stenberg Vs. Carhart
- Gonzales Vs. Carhart
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