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Abortion - Yes or No?

Abortion laws, with exam prep, + scenarios

Mez Munshi

on 18 November 2015

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Transcript of Abortion - Yes or No?

Abortion - Yes or No?
Exam Question
b) Do you agree with abortion?

Give two reasons for your point of view. (4 Marks)
Research the Catholic and liberal protestant view regarding abortion.

Use religious quotes (e.g. 10 Commandments). You may present your research in any format you would like. (18.11.2015)
What is pro life?
Act allows
abortion if:
Mothers life
is at risk
health maybe
New baby
will affect

Georgina, 15 years old, unplanned pregnancy with her boyfriend. Ready to take some of her GCSE’s soon and predicted A-C’s throughout her subjects.

She wants to study to become a lawyer, and has an unconditional offer from college.
She has a supportive boyfriend who has a stable job and really wants the baby. He think she should postpone her GCSE’s and complete them the following year.

Christina, 39, happily married with 2 children. Christina is 13 weeks pregnant, and is unsure whether having a baby would be the right option, as she has been offered a promotion in her job which she loves.

Christina would like another child one day. One daughter is very excited about a new baby, whilst the other is extremely upset and thinks her mum is too old.
The doctor has told Christina that it could be her last chance to have another baby.

Amy, 21 weeks old pregnant through rape. Amy has a very supportive family, who really want to help her look after the baby. Amy thought she could deal with having the baby, but the further along she gets, she is reminded more and more of her rapist. Amy wants to abort the child.
Foetus holds doctors hand at 21 weeks...
There must be two developed reasons for your opinion. You may choose to include a religious viewpoint, but it is not necessary for b) questions.
1 Mark - 1 brief answer

2 Marks - 1 fully developed reason

3 Marks - 1 fully developed reason and 1 brief reason

4- 2 fully developed reasons.
Who does life actually belong to?
Use the following statements and explain why abortion is controversial/a problem:

1) Life begins at conception
2) Baby is not dependent on the mummy
3) Mummy's choice
4) Baby rights over mummy's rights
5) Doctors shouldn't act against their conscience*
The Nature of Abortion
Learning Objective:

To discuss the nature of abortion, including current legislation, and why abortion is a controversial issue.
Learning Outcomes:

To be able to provide an opinion about the controversial nature of abortion.

To be able to describe the current UK laws about abortion.

To be able to identify the keywords: foetus and abortion.

Personal, Learning and Thinking skills:

Reflective Learner

Self Manager
Literacy Focus:

To be able to use appropriate punctuation.
You've got post!
Look under your chairs, and you'll find post! Open it up, read your scenario, and then discuss what she should do...
5 minutes!
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