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Macau trip

No description

振希 譚

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of Macau trip

1T Leader : Wu Ho Man , Max (27)
Writer : Tam Chun Hei , Black (22)
House Keeper : Wong Pak Lam , Nicholas (26)
I.T. : Yeung Tsz Lok , Matthew (28) LTPSS S1 Humanities Macau Topic Food is our topic The main ingredients of pork chop bun 1.Pork chop 6.Soy sauce
2.Onion 7.Sugar
5.Butter The history of portuguese egg tart -18th century
-make by Portugal Lisbon nuns
-19th century 1937
-Sale in Casa Pastéis de Belém (secular bakery) The main ingredients of portuguese egg tart The history of portuguese egg tart Part 2 -1989,Andrew bucket (Andrew Stow) brought the Portuguese egg tarts to Macau
-Switch to the British Custard filling and reduce the amount of sugar
-Attracted to the public and become Macau's famous tapas The history of pork chop bun - More than 40 years
-Use of French piglets bun folder pork chop
-the famous local gourmet Compare portuguese egg tart egg tart Sweet Not too sweet price $6-8 price $3-5 Part 1 The information of interviewer (Macau) (The graft) The information of interviewer (Hong Kong) (The graft) 1.Our hypothesis is the people who live in Macau is liked to eat sweet thing.
It is true.
2.Many people think the price of the Portuguese egg tart is deserve so it mean Macau people is not a rude and unreasonable people.
It is true.
3.The puff pastry of Portuguese egg tart is stronger but the egg tart is smoothly.So we think they like to eat strongly food.
It is true. Fight competition The money The taste ...... Thank -Yahoo
-The interviewer This is the end of our presentation 1.Flour 6.Yolk
2.Butter 7.Milk
3.Salt 8.Whipping cream
5.Sugar Please enjoy! Thank you ! Average mark as below
Outlook 2.00 Good
Taste 1.53 Excellent
Size 1.87 Excellent
Price 1.93 Excellent
Marks represent
1 Excellent
2 Nice
3 Ok
4 Poor Portuguese egg tart (Macau) Average mark as be low
Outlook 1.87 Excellent
Taste 1.60 Excellent
Size 1.80 Excellent
Price 1.77 Excellent
Marks represent
1 Excellent
2 Nice
3 Ok
4 Poor The puff pastry strongly smoothly chocolate tart, style mini egg tart
green tea powder tart egg cup
lemon tart milk tart
portuguese egg tart fruit tart
coffee tart egg tart ... ... Definition of culture We think the meaning of culture is tradition because culture is our ancestors to give us. Definition of food We think the meaning of food is to provide nutritional support for the body. Why we choose this topic ? Because food is required for life so we want to eat the delicious food, when we do the food taste maybe is different because it’s the taste of the Macau people. The main ingredients of egg tart Paper: low-gluten flour, butter, evaporated milk, sugar
Filling: eggs, sugar, water, evaporated milk, custard powder The same of the ingredients is eggs, sugar, water, flour and butter. Related to culture Macau usually sell the portuguese egg tart to traveler so that it will be expensive because the business will want to get more money. Hong Kong usually sell the egg tart to mainland people so that it will be cheaper. The background information of Hong Kong The background information of Macau The England people have occupied the HK so the food of taste it will have some taste of England. Example: the McDonald, it have sell the food of England. It have been occupied by portugal so maybe the foood have the taste of portugal.Example: the portuguese egg tart, portuguese is mean portugal so it mean it is invention in portugal. After we go to Macau, we have learned we need to have a good prepare, example: the bus number, the shop name and where we have the lunch …
After the interview, we see many people who live in Macau are also no eat the egg tart in Hong Kong and some visitor have ate the egg tart and Portuguese egg tart. They think the Portuguese egg tart are sweet than Hong Kong egg tart.
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