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The Overuse of Social Media Negatively Impacts Productivity

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Tiffany Villaruz

on 21 January 2016

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Transcript of The Overuse of Social Media Negatively Impacts Productivity

The Overuse of Social Media Negatively Impacts Productivity
Technology is Taking Over the Youth
53% of kids 8-12 have their own tablet
67% of teens have their own smartphones
Mobile devices account for 41% of all screen time for tweens and 46% for teens.
- Kelly Wallace, CNN
November 3, 2015
Time Spent on Social Media
Many of us use social media on a daily basis and a lot of us can admit we spend too much time on social networks everyday. According to a report by CNN.com teens and tweens on average spend around nine hours on social media per day.
Works Cited

Teens spend 9 hours a day using media, report says - CNN.com. (n.d.). Retrieved January 21, 2016, from http://www.cnn.com/2015/11/03/health/teens-tweens-media-screen-use-report/
Negative Impact
Affects focus to complete your tasks
It could lead to less effort put into work
Almost 58% of teens use social media, and those who use it spend an average of about 2 hours.
Just under half of teens say they use social media "every day".
On any given day 42% of teens don't use social media at all.
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