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Sarahi's Prezi

No description

Castroville PC Lab

on 2 June 2015

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Transcript of Sarahi's Prezi

Sarahi Prezi
First, for the political Rome's poor had some voice in government but they had little power to change things. However, the people want the government to change Venezuela. The Romans did little or nothing for the common people who fell deeper and deeper into the debt and had little opportunity to take part in government. Also Maduro Claims the united states is producing more oil to move Venezuela for the Government to change things. The people want the government to change Rome and Venezuela.
2nd Paragraph
Next, for the Social the Romans brought enslaved people from conquered lands to the Intalian Penisuela to provide free labor.In the same way, people of Favela do metro were given very little time to leave and many were mistreated by the police. Slaves were doing much oh the work to many former farmer became beggers. The neighborhood now looks like it has been bombed people had no running water. In a similar way, people were mistreated and Slaves were doing much of the work.
3rd Paragraph
Last, for the economical Rome Governers forced the conquered people to pay high taxes and spend money on weapons for the army. Venezuela blame a drop in the price of oil will make less money this year.Then, City officials wanted to build a new parking lot in the Favela near Maracana Stadium. Roman Farmers sold their land to the wealthy and moved to the cities. The Governers forced the people to pay taxes and spend their money.
All this leads to, Rome, Venezuela, and Brazil has Similarly and Diffrently problems.
l st paragraph
In Rome , Venezuela, Brazil there are Political, Social,and Economical Problems.
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