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Identify the developments and how they impact individuals or

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Jenna Findley

on 14 February 2017

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Transcript of Identify the developments and how they impact individuals or

Theme: The evolutions of understanding
Development: Police Reforming
Dr Oliver Owen, University of Oxford:

"For his work based on his doctoral research pursuing reform in the Nigeria Police Force, which has helped to improve recruitment, training, management and practice."
Theme: The evolutions of understanding
Describe how the developments changed society’s understanding. How is the development applicable outside of the social sciences?
Theme: The evolutions of understanding
Society Understanding:

There is alot of unlawful, corupted issues going on in today society, higher leaders are loosing the trust of their citizens. The development will help change society understanng in a more positive effect. When it comes to policying, identifying where the issues are starting from would be the first step. Why do people in higher position get a way with unlawful choices they make; such as the deaths of citizens around the country. I believe Dr. Owen study will be applicle outside of social science because it will help rebuild communities and restore police enforcements.
Theme: The evolutions of understanding
Identify the developments and how they impact individuals or larger groups/cultures
by: Jenna-Mae Findley

Dr. Owen research has a huge impact, public safety these days is a huge issue going on in not only nigeria but all of the world. There are many issues going on in today society. People are feeling unsafe by the people who are suppose to be protecting us. The article stated, "
The Nigeria Police Force has been continually plagued by complaints of politicisation, corruption, human rights abuses, and plain ineffectiveness...
" Dr. Owen has choosen to bring back the feeling of protection in his country, this will influence the behavior in Nigeria Society by regaining trust in the community.

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