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Welcome ;)

No description

Ahmed Sharkawy

on 26 July 2015

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Transcript of Welcome ;)

Ch4 : Structure & Materials
Strucure and Materials
Chapter 4
Welcome ;)
About me :D
Design Methodology
Accepting The Mession
Crafting a mission Statement
Identifying the Mission Tasks
Establishing Performance Requirement
Listing Vehicle Systems
Generating Concept Design
Conducting sea Trials
Design Phase
Evaluating The Reports
My Steps in Design :D
Explore The Options
Be Open Minded
Brain Storming
Step 1
Step 2 : Narrowing the Options
Assemply Time
Step 3 : Completing the Design
Best Options have Choosen
Final concept design drawing
Estimate Budget
Estimate Completion Time
And Triple it ;)
Final Evaluation
Step 4 : Fabricating
Detail Design
1- Important Notes

2- ROV Structure

3- Requirement

4- The Enemy

5- Strength & Stiffness

6- Safety Factor

7- FAQ & Notes

9- Water Environment

10- Shapes

11- Degrees of freedom

12- Tasks ;)

We will talk about :
What is the forces that act on your ROV ??
Go To Solid Simulation ;)
Spiral concept of design once again :D

Frame >>> Thruster
Thruster >>> Frame
Note That :
We are going to design a body that have
the technical skill & Artistic talent .
ROV Structure
The Frame
1- It's the Primary Skeleton

2- All forces Applied on it >>>

3- Extended >>>
The Fairing
1- It's your skin >Your Identity

2- it gives streemline shape
Pressure Hulls
1- it's your brain ... safe it by your soul

2- have its own Requirement >>> like >>>

We knew more in Ch5 with
ENG / Osama ;)
It's Requirement :

1- Support
2- distribute
3- flexible usage
4- able to re-position
5- Transferred Forces
Its Requirement :

1- Distribute

2- Watertight

3- Allow Wires

4- Securely attached

5- able to maintenance

6- support the circuits

Its Requirement :

1- Provide a streamlined shape

2- Make the ROV Safe
What's the difference
Between Strong & Stiff ??!!
-It's a measure of how much force the structure can withstand before breaking or suffering permanent deformation
- The stiffness, k, of a body is a measure of the resistance offered by an elastic body to deformation
For a Part
For a material
The Material Type
The Enemy
ROV F.S = 1.5X
Note :
Less weight is better than more weight ?!?
How can u reduce your vehicle weight ??!
For metal
It Cause Corrosion
For Polymers
Water Environment
1- Dissolve

2- being Mushy

3- Can be attaked by chlorine & Ultraviolet

4- some plastics can absorb water
Note :
Always ask yourself

is that a periority ??
can i save that for another something ??
Not Important in ROV Performance
You should invest more time and effort to think about it because :
- It attracts the judges
and represent your thought and effort
- It Gives you future customer attention and good for presentation booth
The Shapes
Degree Of Freedom
Degrees of freedom is so important to lock your design and make it stable and safe
Thank You ^^
Tasks :P
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