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Introductory Canvas

No description

Eric Wilson

on 5 August 2015

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Transcript of Introductory Canvas

Introductory Canvas
What is Canvas
Canvas is a LMS or Learning Management System

Based out of Salt Lake City, Utah

Exploded the last few years with new ideas and programs all the time; working seemlessly with faculty, staff and students
Needle in a Haystack on Canvas
Canvas is simply...

User friendly

Student and teacher centered
Ample of resources are already available
Various social tools
News paper companies
Grab Your Own Bag
Get your own free account to experiment

Go to http://instructure.com and click Canvas

Click on Trial button

Lets take a look at the environment

You judge for yourself...

What Learning Management System Are You Using Currently?

A. Blackboard
B. Canvas
C. Desire2Learn
D. Moodle
E. Sakai
When using our current LMS, I consider myself...

A. A casual user - upload documents...
B. Extensive user - contents, activities, etc
C. Advanced user - instructional design, admin
D. Not sure
My exposure to Canvas is....

A. Barely started
B. Experimented
C. Heavy duty user
D. Loving it and addicted to it man!
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