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Projection Mapping: A Cursory Overview

No description

david beining

on 17 March 2013

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Transcript of Projection Mapping: A Cursory Overview

A Cursory Overview Projection Mapping: Definition/Description Geometry Calibration Depicting 3D within a 2D projection plane.
-And/Or -
Projecting 2D imagery into 3D space.

From the projector's point of view (normally).
Always a 'sweet spot' where images look best.
Several techniques normally used: Geometry Calibration Content Creation Basically, any graphics application or technique.

Popular include:
:: Photography and video
:: 2D motion graphics and animation
:: 3D animation
:: Realtime Applications
- Algorithmically created graphics (e.g. Processing)
- Game engines
- Computer Vision (video/data capture)
- etc. Interactivity A variety of methods:
:: OSC (iOS, Android, Wii, etc)
:: Midi (VJ wares, physical computing)
:: Kinect and Computer Vision
:: Videocameras
:: Sound reactive

And purposes:
:: Video Jocking
:: Gaming
:: Audience / Cloud Interactive Projecting 2D graphics onto 3D screens/shapes.
:: Geometry correction through image warping .
:: Masks to define projection areas.
:: Interactivity often employed.
:: Graphics production through a variety of means.
:: Wide range of applications. :: Manual definitions (camera at projector)
:: Real-time definitions via specialized software
:: 3D computer modeling (Maya, Solidworks, etc.)
:: Photogrammetry (3D data resolved from 2D images) Meshes & warps define projection areas. What's the point? http://rhizome.org/editorial/2012/jan/26/jim-sanborn/ http://www.benpurdy.com/2011/08/minecraft-in-real-life/ http://inspir3d.net/2012/07/30/projection-mapping-mashup-by-ithaca-audio/ http://www.olaladirectory.com.au/multi-touch-mirrors-used-for-video-projection-mapping/
:: How do three-dimensional objects *add* to
the experience?

:: How can projection mapping be used to
improve lives and culture?

:: What can we communicate with mapping that
we can't do in traditional 2D frames? http://transformit.com/fabric-structures-projects-function-lighting/
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