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Three Cups of Tea

Intro Lesson

Krista Kuwamura

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Three Cups of Tea

Three Cups Of Tea By Greg Mortenson What can we tell about the people pictured here? Far Far Away Pakistan 8,191 miles away K2 second tallest mountain Peak In The World Karakoram Range First Tallest Is Mount Everest Very Difficult To Get To Extremely Dangerous Greg Mortenson Teaching all children is important..... but it takes educating the girls in aNY culture to create a lasting change The boys will leave the village in search of jobs, but the girls will stay behind and become leaders in the community and continue to teach what they have learned. Greg's Dream Build Schools Educate Teach Peace One brick at a time..... Failure Korphe Balti Proverb:
When you First Share A Cup of Tea With a balti you're a stranger,
The Second time you share tea, you are an honored guest,
The third time you share tea with a balti, you become family.....
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