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Anonymous Author

on 2 September 2013

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Transcript of Shy'm

Shy'm a French pop and R&B singer.
Her real name is Tamara Marthe. Shy'm was a name she created representing her shyness and the M came from Martinique.
Shy'm was born on the 28th of November making her 28 years old today.
She was born in Trappes, France; where the official language is French.
Shy'm fluently speaks French and English.
Shy'm had very little music training when she was young. Her family was music oriented, and that may have helped her when finding her path to a musical career.
When Shy'm was younger she took dance lessons and earned the nickname " Spicy Tam ".
Shy'm's mom came from Metropolitan France and her father came from Martinique. Her family was supportive of her musical career. ~ They paid for dance classes when she was younger. ~

From the information found Shy'ms' family is wealthy.

Shy 'm had a relatively easy road to success because of all the support from family and friends.
Albums Shy'm has released
Shy'm has released five different albums :
Mes Fantaisies~2006
Prendre L'Air~2010
Caméléon ~ 2012
Love is a big influence on a lot of Shy'm albums. Another influence Shy'm claims is to take chances and be yourself and jump right in the crowd. Shy'm used to be shy at one point in her life and since became a singer she has broken out of that shell and experienced alot of different things most shy people do not.
Interesting Facts about Shy'm
Musial Training
How many bands has shy'm been in ?
Shy'm has been a solo artist, since being found by a rapper called K'maro.
Family background
Shy'ms biggest influences
Who does shy'm give credit to for aspiring her music career ?
Shy'm could give credit to her love for music that has helped her aspire a musical career.
Shy'm also gives her parents credit for their support and helping her along the way .
She credits the rapper who found her - K'Maro- because with out him she wouldn't be nearly as popular right now.
My five favorite songs
1)Si Tu Savais: , this is my number one favorite song by her because it is a love song . ~ At least from my understanding it is ~
2) My second favorite song is Contrôle : it sounds very up beat and the lyrics are not to bad in English.
3,4, and 5 are really hard to decide. They are all great songs not one of them are really that much better then the other but here is my order.
3)Je Sais : the music video to this song is amazing and that's what makes it top the last two . The song is also very upbeat.
4)En Apesanteur, has a softer sound to it that I really love.
5)T'es Parti just like En Apesanteur : has a soft sound but the music video is not nearly as good.
would you download this artist to your iPod ?
Yes I can safely say Shy'ms music would make a great addition to anyone's iPod. Her music is mostly upbeat and tends to get you in a better mood. Throughout this project I have actually been listening to it , just to keep me going.
Another reason to download it is Shy'm actually writes pretty decent songs. For a translation check out this link !
Helpful links
Resource 1
Resource 2
resource 3
Resource 4
We aren't done just yet. More of Shy'ms music and videos at the end.
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