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The Monkeyface Chronicles - Book Talk and Bullying Lecture

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Steven Le

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of The Monkeyface Chronicles - Book Talk and Bullying Lecture

An ENG3U1-04 Book Talk

About the book and the serious topic of Bullying. The Monkeyface Chronicles The Monkeyface
Chronicles Book talk by Steven Le Takes place in a small town named Faireville, in the winter of 2001.
Philip Skylar was born with an extreme facial deformity called the Van Der Woude Syndrome.
On the day he turns 13, his class bullies, Grum and Grunt, give him vicious birthday beats.
Everyone in his school, even the teachers compare him to his academically and athletically talented twin brother, Michael, who did not inherit the same facial deformity Philip did.
Philip begins to learn how to deal with the constant bullies mocking him due to his face and people who believe he is retarded due to his facial deformity.
Philip develops more self-confidence, begins to play with his hockey team, wins a couple of science awards and makes more friends. Summery Miraculously, he survives and goes through two years of pain-suppressing morphine, facial reconstruction, rehabilitation, and speech therapy.
Looking completely different, he returns to Faireville to visit his family and unknowingly gets into a reunion with friends
Skip to 30 year-old Philip, who now co-owns the very successful Skylar Fine Wines and has a very happy family. Summery Cont. Again... "Shallow men believe in luck, Strong men believe in Cause and Effect." Personal Response This has been... Thanks for listening! By Richard Scarsbrook During Philip's hockey playoffs with his team, the entire team gets into a brawl and the Brush brothers decide to get back at Michael Skylar, Philip's perfect brother, and deliberately hurts him to the point that his neck and his back is broken, crippling and putting Michael in a coma.
Philip arrives home to find that vandals from a nearby church have broken into and destroyed his house.
In the basement of the house, Philip overhear a loud argument that questions Philip's paternity.
Philip tries to get away from it all by taking the motorcycle and driving away from the town to Toronto, but gets into a terrible accident. Summery Cont. If you want to have something done, don't wait for it to happen, MAKE it happen. By : Steven Le Can you relate to Philip? At some point in everyone's lives, they have been bullied. Socially, physically or both. "Live well, it is the greatest revenge." Basically means that you have to take control and enjoy your own life, simply because it is your own life. Why was this book so interesting? The title, the number of themes, the ups-and-downs of life, and it deals with real teen issues. Is this a good book? Great book, first-person narrative was engaging, there were unexpected events and lots of themes that add to the experience. However, the beginning was slow. Adolescent Males Bullies, victims and Bully-Victims :
A comparison of Psychosocial and Behavioral Characteristics Judith A. Stein
Richard L. Dukes
Jazmin I. Warren Bullying is aggressive behavior with three specific requirements.
Negative or malicious behavior intended to harm or distress others.
Behavior repeated over a time period.
Relationship where there is an imbalance in strength or power between the parties involved.

There are four groups associated with bullying.
Pure bullies - Those who bully other children only
Bully-Victims - Those who bully others, but are also victims of bullying
Victims - Those who are targets of bullying
Non-Involved - Those who are not a part of it (Aka, Everyone else)

Bullies are to be more prone to excessive substance and alcohol use, psychiatric symptoms later in life, difficulty with rules and poor school adjustment.

Victims are to be more prone to have difficulty making friends, loneliness, physical and psychological distress, submissiveness, depression, social anxiety and a negative self-image (Poor Self-Esteem).

Bully-victims are more prone to have...
difficulty making friends
poor social adjustment
psychological disturbance
social isolation
excessive alcohol and substance use
depression and health problems such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and disturbed personalities (Personality Disorders)

They also tend to have academic and social problems in school. Such as lower grade averages and less willing to go to school.

Males are more likely to be victims of physical-aggression or physical bullying than females. Males are also more likely to be bully-victims than females. Academic Article And Book! Media! The Complete Guide to Understanding, Controlling, and Stopping Bullies & Bullying A Complete Guide for Teachers & Parents Margaret R. Kohut Blame is usually pointed towards one individual or cause and this is usually neither accurate nor does it solve the problem.

A source of the bullying problem is not the children themselves, but the violent forms of media they are constantly exposed to and a daily basis.

Three phases of social bullying within a school
Trolling - Looking for an excuse and a vulnerable victim to bully
Campaign - Bulling escalates gradually and threats are made to prevent "tattling".
"Profit" - Victim feels there is no way out, no one can prove that his/her story is true.

If the victim tattles, the bully just gets worse. They get labeled as a 'Snitch' more and more people will join in as they see you deserve it for 'snitching'.

Excuses such as "just an accident" or "we're just playing." Then the teachers turn a blind eye 'seeing' nothings wrong.

Bullying is hard to prevent let alone stop, due to the face that a bully can be ANYONE and that the victims usually do not let anyone else know they are being bullied. Video Games This game, Bully, is a game that basically puts the player in the bully's shoes and you get to torment the other students at the school. The media often blames the cause of bullying onto something that is simple and easy to use as a scapegoat. The scapegoat is usually violent video games, but if that is true, then shouldn't that not be the only 'cause'?

The media often displays violence on television shows
Such as South Park, Family Guy, Etc. (They also contain bullying, more so in certain episodes than others)

The Facebook event, "National Kick a Ginger Day" was inspired by a South Park episode and has over 4,700 members. Documentary A film about the hidden life of the bullied.
Follows Tyler Long and Ty Smalley who are victims of bullying, that eventually took their own lives because they can't take it anymore. The End My life was good and worth living
Like everything is in the beginning
People start out nice
Before they turn around and bite

At first, it was not painful
But it was still quite hurtful
Everyday it's the same routine
Everyone listens but it goes unseen

Sticks and Stones
May break my bones
But words will never hurt me?
All too much do I disagree

There is no escape
It always comes back in a different shape
Be it a punch or a kick
As fast as the last

I wish this was all a dream
Too much do I want to scream
To tell someone of this situation
But I fear their retaliation

I feel there is no escape, only more pain
Each day pass and I go less sane
As they tease me constantly
With no way to flee
All I can do is take them down with me Creative Response!
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