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Kaylee White

on 1 July 2011

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Transcript of Narrative

Introducing Narrative Structure Orientation Complication (Beginning) (Problem) Series of Events Resolution (End) Who? What? Where? When? Why? This is where the author sets the scene.
Characters are introduced
Place and time period are esstablished
Clues are given to set up for the coming complication A problem -
Something happens in order to trigger the rest of the story.
This trigger may affect setting, characters or time. A set of events triggered by the complication.
The body of the narrative.
Lead toward the resultion. Coda The problem is solved and the story ends. There may be a moral or message at the end of the story.
Note: Not all narratives have a coda. Consider the structure of the story
of Little Red Riding Hood 1. Orientation: Little Red Riding sets out for her grandma's house.

2. Complication: Little Red meets the wolf.

3. Series of Events:
The wolf leaves Little Red and races to her Grandma's house.
The wolf eats Grandma and puts on her clothes.
Little Red arrives and the wolf tricks her.

4. Conclusion: The Woodcutter arrives and saves the day.

5. Coda: Children should not talk to strangers.

Activity Each student is given a random everyday object.
Examples include:
A pen
A pencil
A photograph
A flower
A bottle of hand sanitizer
A clock
An elastic band Students then use these objects to write a creative narrative, using the narrative structure (Orientation, Complication,Series of events, Resolution & Coda). For a challenge, put students in groups of two or three, and ask them to write a collaborative narrative.
The must choose characters and events to link their objects. (Steven Frigg, n.d. http://wwwfp.education.tas.gov.au/english/narrative.htm) Students will need to pay particular attention to planning and drafting. Each group should then present the story to the class.
Perhaps through a PowerPoint Story Book.
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