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should boys and girls be in separate classes

should boys and girls be in separate classes

Nimo Yousuf

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of should boys and girls be in separate classes

Should boys and girls be taught separately in classes? The reason why boys and girls should be taught separately is because. If boys and girls stay in the same class they can learn from each other's thinking methods because they have different thinking methods . Plus it helps there thinking methods. When they share idea there academic results are better. For example, co-ed schools get a better proficiency then single sex schools. There are also more students in co-ed then single sex. Girls and Boys Should NOT be in Separate classes! Girls and Boys Should NOT be in Separate classes! By: Asley sultan In conclusion I strongly believe single sex schools are not the best choice for children to succeed . Their is nothing wrong with both sexes to be with each other. why separate boys and girls from each other when all girl school doesn't change any thing or make a difference. Therefor boys and girls should not be in separate classes. Statistics 75% of people go to co-ed, where as 25% of people go to single sex school. Clearly, you can see co-ed schools are better than single sex schools. People think that going to co-ed school is better then going to single sex schools. 75.5% of people that go to co-ed make it to university and only 24% of people don't make it to university. 75% of students at co-ed schools say they under stand the difference between both sexes and 54% of students at single sex school said they understand Conclusion If the student works at a working place. For example, an office, a social service center, business firm, one usually works with the opposite gender. If they don't know how to discuss an ideas in an early age it will be harder for that student to come up with different thinking method when they join a working community. Facts: Introduction There are many ways boys benefit a lot from having girls in the classroom. If one doesn't work with the opposite gender in an early age then it will be harder for that person to have different thinking ability in the future. In fact, Many people think that co-ed school are better than single sex school for this reason, I consider co-ed are more superior. In addition, boys and girls can learn from each other because they have diverse thinking skills and talent. For example, So by staying in the same class they can learn from each other and they can improve there thinking skills. Is it necessary for boys and girls to learn in the same class room? Fact:70% of Middle School at CVA think the same thing and 30% of the rest of Middle School think Against.
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