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Water Pollution

Human Consequence Map

Jagdesh B

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of Water Pollution

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Human Consequence Map Water Pollution Scientific Consequences Social Consequences Environmental Consequences Personal Consequences Economical Consequences Legal & Ethical Consequences By: Jagdesh Water pollution might lead to technology developments such as a way to make a portable, efficient, and quick way to convert salt/contaminated water to safe, drinkable water.
Such as a machine that can can evaporate and then condense water. So that even if there is a shortage of water there’s a way to quickly make fresh water and give it those who need it the most. Scientists will have to take into account what would happen in many different chemicals that have never mixed together would cause. Would it be a cure for disease, cause an explosion, or increase the problem. Scientists might invent a machine that can repeat the water cycle This might cause a domino effect on the food web if one of the species is killed—causing one part population on the food web to increase in numbers, such as the secondary consumers, and another to decrease in numbers, such as the primary consumers. Chemicals such as Methyl Mercury might cause bio accumulation in smaller animals that will increase as it travels up the food chain causing dangerous amounts in the top predator. If we eat those top or secondary predator, such a tuna, we might get those high levels of mercury into our bodies because tuna are very large animals and near the top of their food chain. Water pollution might cause overgrowth in algae and aquatic plant life causing Eutrophication. With more algae, the plants on the bottom won't get any sunlight , dying releasing CO2 into the water. Less CO2 is removed and water temperature rising causing animals to suffer . More animals die, decompose and add more CO2 to the water. Bacteria uses up the rest of the oxygen to decompose the plants and animals. Animals die without oxygen and then there's more decomposition. Eventually that pond or lake becomes a dead pond or lake. If you drink contaminated water, the bacteria in the water can affect your kidneys, liver, and your nervous and circulatory systems No more water related sports such as swimming, water-skiing, sailing, fishing, and boat related activities because the water will be too dangerous to go into, or there's not enough fresh water to use to fill pools This will cause more illnesses and diseases such as typhoid fever, resulting in a more need for vaccines and medications. There will be a need of more money to make more medications resulting in prices of everyday items. More visits to the doctor, resulting in longer waiting periods at hospitals and clinics. Many people will lose their favorite hobbies and might not do anything else Many competitions such as the Olympics have water related sports, such as swimming as diving, will no longer be in the olympics because athletes will no longer be able to train People might become over weight because they might have been only doing water-related sports and don't want to do anything else because that certain sport was their passion and the one thing he/she was the best at Many athletes who have spent their entire lives training to be an olympics swimmer or diver will have to do something else and can no longer compete because they don't have enough experience in another activity. By the time they do have enough experience, they might be too old. These illnesses will also cause earlier deaths because of lack of medical attention to those who can't get it, or didn't recognize the signs of some of the diseases. Water pollution affects the special fores such as the marines because they will have to change their tactics to learning how to deal with polluted water and also change the way their soldiers are trained so they can deal with dead lakes or heavily polluted waterways Education will be affected, mostly in science because children will have to learn what types of areas to stay away from, and the ultimate conclusion of water pollution. They will have to learn the signs of water pollution and how to tell what water is safe to enter, and what water is safe to drink. Science research will cost a lot of money and there will be a lot of pressure on scientists to fix the problem. They will be respected by the public but also hated by people because a lot of money will be going to the research. Some of it might be their hard-earned money With less fresh water, there will less for us to drink and quench our thirst, and less water to take a bath/shower in , and clean everyday things Many of water related activities such as swimming and diving may be banned by the government because they wouldn't want to waste a declining precious resource on recreation. If these activities are canceled, than competitions such as the Olympics might also ban swimming because of the large pools that have to be filled. With less fresh water at our disposal, people will become dirtier from taking less showers and therefore diseases will more wide spread. Many water related jobs such as fishing will be drastically affected because most of the fresh water will be polluted and the fish in that will have died. Many jobs will be lost and they will have to relocate to find jobs or find one that meets the skills they have. The unemployment rate would go up and so would the homeless people rate because the people might have not found a job to pay their taxes because many people have only fishes their entire lives. Unbalanced pond and river and lake and ocean ecosystems that can no longer be sustainable because of the contaminants in the water . As fresh water becomes rarer and rarer it might become more precious and valuable than even diamonds because diamonds won't save your life. With the value of water increases, people might start to strike all around the world because they want their fair share of water and paying more for it isn't in their budget plus, they have to feed their families The government will have to make more water purification stations to clean the polluted water, therefore creating more jobs and maintaining the declining economy from the loss of water related jobs. References If the government is putting more money is water purification, they will need to get the money from somewhere. They might raise the water bill to cover their costs. The government may creates laws on selling fresh water illegal unless its known to the government. Charges could be applied as the same as it would on the black market. Conspirators might think that government is storing or hiding the fresh water for their own purposes group to try and expose the conspiracies War could break out in countries that are desperately in need for fresh water and will do whatever (go to war), and give up whatever (political power, guns, soldiers money) to get it. If countries start to go to war with each other, the governments will be focusing all there attention on the fighting and none on the people within the country. Anarchy might spring where the government can't intervene. Economy. (n.d.). Retrieved September 27, 2012, from guides network website: http://www.water-pollution.org.uk/economy.html An In-Depth Look at Water Pollution. (2012). Retrieved September 27, 2012, from coastal coalition website: http://www.coastalcoalition.org/water-pollution Water Pollution Effects. (n.d.). Retrieved September 27, 2012, from think quest website: http://library.thinkquest.org/26026/Environmental_Problems/water_pollution_-_effects.html bangia, A. K. (2010, July 1). Effects of water pollution and solutions. Retrieved from http://projectsmileindia.wordpress.com/2010/07/01/effects-of-water-pollution-solutions/ Rubin, K. (n.d.). Water Pollution. Retrieved from http://www.soest.hawaii.edu/GG/ASK/waterpol3.html Water Pollution. (n.d.). Retrieved March 14, 2011, from ygoy website: http://water.ygoy.com/2011/03/14/consequences-of-water-pollution/ Top 5 Threats to Oceans Today. (2011, November 8). Retrieved March 14, 2011, from WFN website: http://www.worldfishingnetwork.com/news/top-5-threats-to-the-oceans-today-15938.aspx Science will be affected not only in school but all over the world because scientists will have to change the way they research water related things to include all the possible combinations of pollutants and chemicals This ecosystem could could be affected if all the fish disappeared because the fish eat the plants and plankton so their numbers would go up. But the ducks and heron eat the fish and their numbers go down because they don't have any food. Ways to Help Stop Water Pollution Conserve Soil

Erosion is one of the biggest causes of water pollution today. When you take steps to conserve soil, you are also conserving water and water life. Planting vegetative covers is just a one of the many possible approaches to soil conservation. Dispose of Toxic Chemicals Properly

It’s always a good idea to use lower VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) products in your home whenever possible. If you do use toxic chemicals, such as paints, stains or cleaning supplies, dispose of them properly. Paints can be recycled and oils can be reused after treatment. Proper disposal keeps these substances out of storm drains, water ways and septic tanks. Keep Machinery in Good Working Order

Oil is one of the largest polluters of water in the world. It’s estimated that just the transportation of oil is responsible for .0001 percent of oil contamination in water. Make sure you aren’t adding to this problem by repairing oil leaks in cars and machinery as soon as they are spotted. Clean up the residue and dispose of the used oils properly. Clean Up Beaches and Waterways and more

Just picking up waste and litter wherever you see it can go a long way to keeping pollutants and waste out of the water. Do your part by taking your own trash, other wastes and any you see to a nearby disposal facility. Avoid Plastics Whenever Possible

Plastic bags in the ocean, are a well-known water pollutant. Help fix this problem from getting worse by changing to reusable grocery bags whenever possible. Get Active and Get Involved

Is there a company near your home that releases heat, coolants or chemicals into a nearby waterway? You can get involved. Contact the EPA, local authorities or write letters to the heads of companies. Spreading an awareness of problems is a big first step toward combating them. How Did our Water Get Polluted? There are many factors on how water becomes polluted, the 3 main reasons are from agriculture, our homes, and big industries. Agriculture
Chemicals and fertilizers soak into underground water supplies that then run-off water flows it down into waterways pollution as it goes down. Homes
Oils, anti-freezes, car wax, soap and run off into sewer systems that flow directly into the ocean, even from landfills or on its way to landfills, trash can end up in streams, lakes, or beaches. And septic tanks containing human waste burst polluting underground water systems, some that might lead to wells.

1.Direct disposal waste into nearby waterways where the waste build up faster than its washed away. The waste causes decrease in oxygen in the water killing aquatic animals and other organisms in the water. 2.Emissions cause acid rain that when it pours downs polluted all the water in the area affecting animals that live in the water and animals that drink the water. 3.Thermal pollution when water is rapidly heated then released into waterways killing animals and reducing oxygen in the water causing a higher chance of death of smaller organisms 4. Oils Spills such as the Bp Spill in the Gulf of Mexico not only costed millions of dollars to clean but the oil is still affecting the organisms that are in the water in ways that we don't really know. Industry
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