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mob mentality presentation

english presentation

Branch Garner

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of mob mentality presentation

Mob Mentality Essay Presentation Mob mentality is when a group of
people come together with a common cause normally rooted in basic emotions like fear,greed,confusion,or hysteria. Often with the collective goal of rioting or other wise ganging up against there proceved aggressor with teenagers mob mentality can present it self as a group ganging up to exclude or bully an individual like herd mentality in animals such as birds or fish mob mentality in humans like in New York times article " Herd mentality in humans " people lose their individuality temperately to be part of the group not unlike how peer pressure works Black Friday mob At times it can be as simple as an out of control mob of shoppers on Black Friday. some times mobs or riots can end oppressive government Democracy can often look more like an angry mob then a political system and can start oppressive totalitarian regimes B ut My thoughts on the subject are that true mob mentality as apposed to rioters is that rioters may still be acting as individuals who want to destroy property and flip cop cars but are simply in the group to avoid detection were as a true mob is a faceless mass of people swept up in emotion and confusion desperate to be part of the group and in the case of rioting are irrational idiots and in the case of teen groups bullying individuals simply because they don't belong to a group are just mindless zombies not to be take seriously
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