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Histograms and bar graphs

by Hannah and Michael

Linda Tobar

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Histograms and bar graphs

Graphs Histograms and Bar Graphs Created by: Hannah Kempker and Michael Skinner Whats the difference? The histograms bars are right next to each other with no spaces and the bar graphs are right next to each other but there are spaces between the bars. In a bar graph the labels on the bottom normally represent a category (categorical data). In a bar graph, instead of using categories it uses ranges of data (numerical data). A special table where each data value is split into a "leaf" (usually the last digit) and a "stem" (the other digits).
The "stem" values are listed down, and the "leaf" values go right (or left) from the stem values.
The "stem" is used to group the scores and each "leaf" indicates the individual scores within each group. Stem-and-leaf plot line plot A circle graph is a graph in the form of a circle that is divided into sectors, with each sector representing a part of a set of data. Circle graph A line graph that shows information that is connected in some way (such as change over time) Line graph A Frequency Table is a table that lists items and uses tally marks to record and show the number of times they occur. The tally is the same as the frequency because it is how many times the tally appears. You can use a frequency table to make a histogram. Example: Example:
45= 4 is the "stem" and 5 is the "leaf" A line plot shows data on a number line with x or other marks to show frequency. Example: Every circle equals 360 degrees To construct a circle graph, you might use a protractor to make the sectors. Frequency Table Example:
As the years increased, the hourly
minimum wage also increased. Example: Double Line Graph A double line graph is just like a line graph except there are two lines instead of one.
You use this graph to compare two different things. Comparing rates
of men and woman
smoking Example: A scatter plot describes a positive trend if, as one set of values increases, the other set tends to increase.

A scatter plot describes a negative trend if, as one set of values increases, the other set tends to decrease.

A scatter plot shows no trend if the ordered pairs show no difference. In this example, each dot represents one person`s weight versus their height. Scatter Plot A scatter plot is a graph made by plotting ordered pair in a coordinate plane to show the relationship between two sets of data.
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