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Seven Technologies Changing the World

No description

Albert Segars

on 17 February 2014

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Transcript of Seven Technologies Changing the World

Seven Technologies that are Changing the World
Wireless Loops
Local Loops
of Wiress Technology.
Large Wireless infrastructures of GbPS Technology.
Embedded, Unobtrusive,
Everyday Devices that are:
Smaller, Powerful, Fast,
and interconnected.
Pervasive Computing
Bio Technology
Application of physics, biology, and technology to health and well-being.
Big Data
Data so big and complex it cannot be processed or managed with traditional database techniqueis.

Cloud Computing
The ability to harness collective processing, storage, and connectivity of multiple devices.
New materials with "super" propoerties. Examples include superconductivity, superstrength, and energy efficiency.
Next Generation Robotics
Robotics technologies that are safer, user-friendly, and responsive.
Pervasive Computing
Wireless Loops

Big Data
Cloud Computing
Next Gen Robotics
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