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Small-Scale Farming vs. Large-Scale Agriculture: A Presentation by Matthew Vest


Matthew Vest

on 7 May 2011

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Transcript of Small-Scale Farming vs. Large-Scale Agriculture: A Presentation by Matthew Vest

AGRICULTURE LARGE-SCALE INDUSTRIALIZED AGRIBUSINESS SMALL-SCALE LOCAL FARMING VS. ? ? ...I don't live on a farm, so why does all this agriculture stuff matter??? W E L L . . . F O O D
EVERYTHING Agriculture stuff matters for other reasons as well... ECONOMICS
MATTERS Why analyze the pros and cons of Large-Scale and Small-Scale Agriculture? HISTORY
LESSON BRIEF ...way back when (early American history) throughout the 1800's - As America enters the Industrial Revolution, the nation's agricultural landscape begins to transform Health Sustainability SUSTAINABLE UN-SUSTAINABLE No Waste=Few Inputs Raise Animals and Crops
-Cycle fields between animals and crops
-Animal manure fertilizes fields
-Hay and grain used to feed animals rather than sold
-Use animals for planting crops (historically) Locally Grown
-Don't require massive expendatures of fossil fuels to transport food Grow Different Crops
-Insurance against pest outbreaks
-Alternate between different crop in order to break life cycles of insects, weeds, and diseases
-Alternating also replinishes nitrogen in the soil Animals and Crops No Longer Raised Together
-more waste products to dispose of
-more waste inproperly disposed of causes runoff and polution
-More inputs required Specialization=Many Inputs World Policy and Economics Interview with Phil Mosser, a Local Farmer ARGUMENTS SUPPORTING lARGE-SCALE AGRIBUSINESS passing through the 1900's - Large-scale agriculture continues to grow rapidly, with growth peaking in the mid 1900's today - Industrialized agribusiness dominates the food production game with miniscule percentages of small-scale farms surviving Monocultures
-Easier targets for pests and disease outbreaks
-Require more harmful pesticides
-Require more inputs Shipped Across country
-Massive amounts of fossil fuels consumed
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