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Digestive Amusement Park

No description

Alicia Merlo

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of Digestive Amusement Park

By Alicia Merlo Digestive Amusement Park Mouth (Entrance) Esophagus (Tower of Doom) Stomach Large Intestine Small Intestine Liver Pancreas The mouth is like the entrance of an amusement
park because that's where food enters the body
(amusement park). Chemical digestion (complex
molecules broken down into smaller ones) also
occurs in the mouth. Chemical digestion is like
the huge line of people being broken down
into smaller groups as people enter the park. The esophagus is the Tower of Doom because
that's where the food drops down into the
digestive organs just like the Tower of Doom drops down to the ground. Gall Bladder (Locker Room) Appendix (Staff) Rectum (Park Exit) The gall bladder acts as a locker room in an amusement park because they're both used for storage. The appendix acts like the staff of an amusement park because (one theory is) the appendix reboots the digestive system like the staff take care of the park. The rectum acts as the park exit because it's where everything leaves the body, just like the park exit's where everyone leave the park. hi c:
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