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Copy of Missouri Constitution

Everything needed to study for the Missour Constitution test

Kim Cluck

on 18 January 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Missouri Constitution

Legislative Branch Executive Branch Judicial Branch Grab-bag Sec of State keeps the Great Seal Appoints officials The chief executive officer Attorney General is chief legal officer Must be 30 or older Term is 4 years Commander of state militia GOVERNOR Override veto with 2/3 vote Senate Serves as jury for impeachment Appoves appointments by Governor Elected by people Equivalent to federal Congress Makes $120,087 a year Jay Nixon Lietenant Gov is 2nd in command Treasurer is in charge of
managing state funds Can be called into special session General Assembly House Term is 2 years Start impeachment proceedings Has 163 members Speaker is presiding officer Has 34 members Term is 4 years Supreme Court Supervises all other courts Hears appeals from all other courts Final authority on state constitution Administers justice and interprets the laws State is divided into 45 circuit courts Circuit court is main trial
court in Missouri Missouri's present Constitution: 1945 Final step for amending the state Constitution:
approval by a majority of people voting General elections held in Missouri:
November of even years Primary elections are held to elect one candidate
from a specific political party. 114 counties in Missouri Absentee ballots are for anyone who cannot
get to their polling place on election day Missouri became a state in 1821 Local Government Council manage is leader who acts like an administrator Home Rule: Power given to cities allowing them to pass their own laws Referendum: Public issues voted on by all School district is a special purpose district Missouri Constitution Missouri became a state in 1821
under the Missouri Compromise Missouri's capitol has moved from...
St. Louis to...
St. Charles to...
Jefferson City (7th grade field trip yah!!)
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