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Famous Australian Refugee- Dr Karl

No description

Aidan Barry

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of Famous Australian Refugee- Dr Karl

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki
Dr. Karl and his family fled Sweden due to the holocaust in Northern Europe. Dr. Karl's mother and father were both held in Russian and German concentration camps. Dr. Karl was supposed to immigrate to America, but he caught a fever and was forced to wait until he was in a good condition to leave for the next boat which was destined for Australia.
First Memories of Australia
When Dr. Karl arrived in Australia he was two he lived in a refugee camp in Albury. They lived in a tiny flat just as big as a station wagon. Every week they only had 1 egg to eat. His parents gave the whole egg to Karl to eat so he would not starve and could grow properly. When Dr Karl attended school he was often called a 'wog' and teased about his language and race.
Dr. Karl's education
Dr Karl attended Little Flower Primary School. He went to secondary school at Eton Rice Christian Brothers college from 1960 to 1964 in Wollongong, NSW. Dr. Karl received a scholarship to university.
Dr. Karl's past jobs and degrees
Dr. Karl has worked as a physicist, labourer, roadie for bands, car machine, film maker, hospital scientific officer, bio medical, engineer, TV weather man, taxi driver and medical doctor.

Dr. Karl hold's many degrees he has degrees in mathematics, bio- medical, engineering, medicine, and surgery, astrophysics and computer science.
Dr Karl Kruszelnicki
Dr Karl was born in 1948 Helsingborg, Sweden. He is 65 years old.
Dr Karl is a famous scientist, commentator on radio and television and an author. Dr Karl now lives in Sydney, NSW. He is commonly know as Dr. Karl and his colourful, quirky clothing choices. Dr Karl follows the Christian religion.
Why did he come to Australia?
Dr Karl's hobbies
Dr Karl enjoys researching and reading about science, He enjoys writing books. He has written many successful books and enjoys presenting his radio show on Triple J which attracts up to 30 000 listeners. He writes a weekly column for The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald. Dr Karl has won many science related awards.
Dr Karl's family
Dr Karl's mother and father were Polish and also followed this Jewish religion therefore they were held in concentration camps in Germany and Russia. Dr Karl's father's job was to smuggle the Jews out of the camp. In one case he smuggled one Jew out by bribing the guard with a can of tuna. When Dr Karl was young his parents lied to him and told him they followed the religion of Lutheran to hide the shame of being Jewish and being held in a concentration camps.
Sunrise Interview 2013
Dr Karl's awards

Dr Karl ran for senate in the 2007 Australian election but was sadly unseccessful.
Dr Karl recieved an Ig Nobel Prize in 2002 for his research on belly button fluff on why it is almost always blue.
In 2003 Dr Karl won Australian Father of the year. Dr Karl was made a member of the order of Australian in 2006. Dr Karl was named a national living treasure in 2012.
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